30 October 2010

I am not pleased....

with myself that is. I really feel like crap. I feel huge and bloated and fat and greasy. I don't like that I haven't worked out in 3 days and that my food consumption has been less than stellar. I don't like it at all and I am not pleased.

What am I going to do about this you might ask? Well, I'll tell you. I'm going to change it starting right this minute. I'm going to my strength training this morning at 8:30 and I'm going to run there. After my workout I'm going to run back. Then, and only then, I will eat a healthy breakfast. After that I will do some housework, then some schoolwork. Later I will have a small, healthy lunch. This afternoon we will walk the dogs. Hubby is going out this evening so I will make myself a delicious, healthy dinner and relax tonight. I'm going to leave personalized note cards all around the house reminding me to drink water and to just keep moving. There is no reason I need to spend 4 hours on the couch just because it's Saturday - that is insane and it stops today. There are a thousand things I can do around here that will keep me busy, not the least of which is organize my desk and files. So there you have it. A plan of attack. I will also log all my food today and begin wearing my fitbit again. That is all.

28 October 2010

Reaching that point again

That point where I don't feel like me. Where I feel fat and uncomfortable and totally not myself. That point that pisses me off. I'm almost there. And I don't want to be. I want to be feeling the way I was a few weeks ago. Happy and focused and into working out. I'm definitely not feeling that way now. Part of the problem is I think a cold may be trying to invade my system. For the last couple of days I have not had my usual energy and I just want to sleep. Granted I love to sleep but I can usually manage to do more than that. Today I even took the day off work hoping to prevent whatever this is from becoming a full blown cold. I slept quite a bit and sat playing with my little camcorder for awhile. I think it helped. I feel better than I did last night so I guess that's an improvement. I need to get back to myself though and feel like I did just a few weeks ago....

27 October 2010

A different kind of workout

So since I'm feeling under the weather I didn't workout tonight. Saturday the fitness studio I go to is releasing the new workouts and because it's Halloween they are having a large party. They are talking about going out afterward for karaoke. I have not done that in years and years... We used to do it all the time and I'll tell you what, it is a workout. Singing and laughing can work up quite a sweat and raise your heartrate. It can be a lot of fun. Maybe I'll go. We'll see how I feel.

So here's what I'm thinking

wrapping garland around the outside posts for Christmas. Using different colors and maybe even adding some lights. I am very happy here and would definitely like to do something special for Christmas.... I will have to think about this. The house is already green, all I need to add is some red and I am all set. Maybe I'll paint some decorations on the outside, that would be cool....

Under the weather

and it's showing on my face. I have some serious dark circles under eyes not to mention I feel like crap. I have not felt up to par for the last couple of days and I could not figure out why. Now I know. I'm definitely starting to come down with something. My head is achy, my throat is scratchy and I have zero energy. I couldn't even walk the dogs tonight, that's how drained I feel. I am hoping that I feel better in the morning because I have this crazy idea of perfect attendance at work this year. I'm a little crazy I know....

24 October 2010

Taking it to the next level

So my just one day experiment is going really well. It is changing my attitude and my views on a lot of things. I am most definitely an all or nothing type person. When something would go wrong in a day I would throw out the whole day, sometimes even the whole week. But by looking only at one day or even one meal, I have a much more balanced view of things and not so extreme. It is definitely working. It is now time to add on to this. Starting tomorrow I'm going to track all my food for one day. Just one day. I have an idea of what I'm eating but I'm beginning to believe I'm fooling myself. I have this cool app on my phone for logging food. It has a bar code scanner or a data base where you just click here to enter food. It is time to get the real answers. So for one day I'll track food.

Friday night was circuit night at the gym and all I can say is, Oh! My! God! Not only did the workout kick my butt, it kicked my butt the next day too. I did the circuits and by the time I got home I was so hungry I would have eaten a live animal. After dinner and a shower, I sat down to watch TV and I was out. Quickly and completely asleep. Saturday morning I got up and went to the strength class. I decided to up my weights and really get a workout. By the time I was done I was starving again. I had breakfast but knew it wasn't going to last. I spent most of the day hungry. Unfortunately, I ate a bit much of junk food. I bought candy corn and munched on it on and off all day. Not the best food to fuel my body - which is why I need to track my food for one day. I was also very, very tired yesterday. That circuit workout really kicked my butt....Awesome!!!!

Wasting Time

I have no problem with wasting time in and of itself. Sometimes a little wasted time is good for everyone. I'm having a problem thoug...