18 December 2010

It begins

Today is the first day of 3 weeks off. I am so excited and happy and all that crap - really, you have no idea. On today's agenda:
  • Walk to strength training class
  • Run 6-8 miles
  • Shower
  • Start prepping the spare room for the big move
  • A nap maybe?
  • Shopping - grocery
That's about all.  It looks like it might rain and that would be a bummer but it's not going to stop me.  I'm excited and pumped to get going on this stuff.

I was talking to someone the other day about marathons.  I said how it takes me a while, as long as a year, to decide I will do another one.  Then it takes me a while to really get excited about it. I have reached that point with my running in general.  I am excited to be running again and to have some races to run in. I am really looking forward to getting back in the game.  So right now I need to start getting ready to head out.  Yea!!!

17 December 2010

Gearing up

Today was the last day of school. The kids were dismissed at 11:30 and we started partying at 12:30. There was lots of good food and alcohol and games and a Christmas bonus. Overall not a bad afternoon. Tomorrow it all begins. I have 3 weeks and I am not going to waste them this time. Every vacation I do one of two things. I either spend the first week taking it easy and get nothing done. This lack of initiative generally drags over into the second week and that pretty much blows the vacation. The other thing I do is jump right in on the first day, completely burn myself out and end up not doing anything the second week. So I'm going to try and strike a balance between these two extremes. I will be running, lifting weights, working on my thesis, working on my rooms and getting some rest in too. Naps...it's all about the naps.

The running starts tomorrow. I am doing a 10k on New Years Day and I need to be ready for it. Last week I decided to go to Kailua on Saturday mornings and run a 6 mile route that I know. The problem with that is the New Years 10k is very hilly while the Kailua route is pretty darn flat. Then tonight on the way home it hit me... I have a access to a hilly route right by my house. A run through the neighborhood and into the botanical gardens. There are some serious hills in the botanical gardens. Ones just like the 10k. So I mapped it out and from my house to the end of the botanical garden and back is 8 miles. I like that. So tomorrow morning, around 6, I'm heading out for an 8 mile run. Sweet. The only problem is my lingering cold. I have had a head cold that I just can not shake. When I ran on Thursday I had a little bit of trouble breathing. It wasn't bad but enough to be annoying and make me wonder if I should find a Mesothelioma lawyer. I am allowing myself 2 hours to accomplish this mission the first time. After that I will go and strength train. I also have to try and buy a dress for Winterball on Sunday. Then it's home to grade finals. I need to keep balance in my days in order not to get burned out. Here's to a great break.

16 December 2010

Making plans

Tomorrow is the last day of school. You have no idea how happy that makes me. Happy. We have a test in the morning. Then a play. Then it's party time. Everyone is hoping that there will be bonuses. Anyway, I have 3 weeks off and I want to get some things done. Every break I make these plans and then barely follow through. This time I'm not only making plans, but making a game plan. I will develop a schedule every night for the next day. I want to get things done and not waste 3 weeks. So it all begins tomorrow. Yea!!!

Slowly emerging

What a couple of weeks it has been. Let's recap. First off, it's been the last 2 weeks of the semester and all manner of things need to be completed and taken care of. Least of all the final exams. On top of that, I have not had a period since July and last week I got the period from hell. Apparently it made up for all those that I had missed. I had cramps and was in bad, bad shape for 3 days. It also lasted a week. A. Week. WTF??? Then the parrot club had their Christmas Party and all hell broke loose at the party. The result is probably going to be a splintering of the club into 2 entities. That's nice. And if all that wasn't enough, I came down with a head cold. One that I just could not shake. I've had it all week and it makes me tired and all I want to do is lay down. Finally last night I said - enough!!! I went and worked out, even though I only did about 30 minutes worth. Then this morning I went for run. I have felt much better today. I need to do a little shopping. I'm going to try and hit the swap meet this weekend. Luckily now they all have those POS systems that makes shopping at those places so much easier. I want to work out tonight but they moved the strength one to 6:30 and I don't think I want to go that late. Oh well, I'll see what I want to do tonight.

13 December 2010

Falling apart

Me. This weekend. My head is stuffed up. I'm not sick just incredibly stuffy and annoying. I could hardly breathe last night which led to me not getting up and running this morning. Then spending the day walking around in a fog. I love this feeling. Not!!! And the sneezing....Oy!!! So yeah, I'm doing great....

In school today, I was in such a fog that I just could not focus. So I kind of gave the kids a free day. One of the girls whipped out her iphone and showed me this game that I just got hooked on. It's called Veggie Samurai, it is ridiculous and silly and totally addictive.

Okay, clearly the sinus medicine I'm taking is affecting my ability to focus, so I'll close this for now. Hopefully I'll feel better tomorrow.

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