19 June 2011

Wide Awake and Feeling Great

Yesterday was a really great day. I didn't have to go into work until 10 am, so I worked on my thesis for about 2 hours. Awesome. I have actually got things rolling and started working on writing it. As it turns out I have a bunch of papers involved with this project; notes, printouts, etc; also I want to dedicate my netbook to this probject for the duration, unless I can finagle a way to get myself a tablet touch screen, that would be awesome but not likely - at least right now. Anyway, I was trying to come up with some ideas for maintaining organization and keeping everything together. Then while at work last night I noticed that we carried the Wonderfile. While I don't believe it to be the fabulous thing they claim it to be, I thought it might be the perfect thing to keep everything in one place.  So I bought one.  It looks like it will work out great and I think I'll use it for school when I am done with my thesis.  Which will be soon.

So I ate well yesterday and went to bed at a good hour last night and now I feel awesome today.  I think, inspite of the sleep schedule, that what I eat has an awful lot to do with how I feel.  I hate that it does, but it does.

Okay, have to run to work.

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