01 September 2011

Where dors the time go

Well, I let the whole week slip away. I was telling myself all day that I would workout tonight but when I got home it just didn't happen. I have a really hard time getting out of bed in the morning. Once I'm up I'm fine, but getting up is the problem. So I have to come up with a tactic that will get me up in the morning. I'm not sure what it is but I have to come up with something. So tomorrow I try again. It's Friday, and easy day to get excited about because, well...it's Friday. So give it another go tomorrow. If I could get up tomorrow and work out, then I know I could do it Saturday and Sunday because I don't have to be to work until 9. Monday I know I could do it because I have off. I'd have 4 days of working out under my belt and the beginning of a routine forming. So that's my goal for tomorrow - get up and work out.

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