22 December 2011

Day 4 - Have to work out the food thing

This is how I should have felt yesterday. But I didn't. I had an Outlaw burger with medium fries and a small egg nog shake from Jack in the Box and I did not feel stuffed. I felt comfortable. WTF???? How could that much food not make me feel like this doggy looks. And by the way, whose doggy is this? The owners need to be smacked for allowing their dog to get this big. But that's another story. So yeah, I ate all that food, 50 points for those who converse in Weight Watchers, and I did not feel full at all. I used up all my activity points for the week but only 2 of my weekly points. Hmmm...makes me think I've been working my tush off and not eating enough. I did feel a little lethargic after the meal but in an hour or two I felt very energetic and peppy. I think I need to work a little more on the food thing. I know from experience it's not enough to just cut my calories or points or whatever, I need to eat good. Really, really good. So that will be the focus for the rest of the week - work on the food.

In another turn of events, I got the worst heartburn yesterday morning. I never get heartburn. Never!! But yesterday morning it was bad. I thought at one point I was going to throw up from it. I didn't. I did notice that after I ate that huge meal the heartburn was gone. Now I'm pretty sure that's the opposite of what's supposed to happen but that's what happened. Another clue that I may not be eating enough. My stomach was producing acid with absolutely nothing to digest. It was looking for food and nothing was there. So this morning when I got up I had half a banana with some peanut butter with my coffee. That should hold me through the workout and hopefully stave off the heartburn until I can get some breakfast in me.

So Day 4 has shown me that I need to eat more and not be afraid to use my activity points or weekly points. I'm okay with that. Now, it's off to work out.

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