28 December 2011


Today I did Bob's Ultimate Cardio Challenge and I rocked it. I can definitely feel myself getting stronger. Usually about 1/4 of the way through the workout I have a couple of moments where I am beat and not sure I can go the whole way. Today I didn't have that. Today I even wanted to use heavier weights but the ones I had were awkward and wouldn't work right for the pass-thrus, kind of like this:

Except for that arm in the air thing. Anyway, the heavier weights I kept smacking myself in the leg so I decided that wasn't the best idea and switched to the lighter weights. On Friday though, I will be ready with heavy weights that will work. So I am pleased and I am starting to feel different.

In any workout video or class I've ever done, the instructor or trainer always says tighten your abs. When I first start working out after some time off, I can never do this. I can try but it doesn't feel right. Today I could do it again. When I tightened my abs I could feel the muscles around my stomach and across my low back. Yeah!! Starting to get some muscle tone again.

Today I will be working more on my thesis and waiting for the Dish Network guy to get here. We are switching from cable to Dish because it will save us about $75 a month. That will add up over a year.

So workout is done, breakfast is eaten, no reason not to start work. {{sigh}}

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