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What to do???

So I have this freaking head cold that I just can not seem to shake. It's been on and off for at least a month now. I feel better, think it's gone, then bam! it's back. Last Saturday I felt awesome. I took Bella for a long walk on the beach. I did some stuff around the house. Awesome I tell you. Then Sunday - bam!!! I felt like crap. Sunday night I know I was running a fever. Monday I stayed home from work and slept most of the day. I felt okay the rest of the week until yesterday. Bam!! Again!!! This time I have a deep cough along with the sinus stuff. WTF??? I am really so done with this. It feels like I've been sick for so long that I should start wearing scrubs uniforms around. I freaking HATE this!!!!

Which leads to my dilemma today. Workout or not workout? I feel pretty okay except for the sinuses and the cough now and then. So should I workout??? One part of me is saying yes!! do!! It will help me feel better and help produce hormones that will…

I am so done with this

I feel like I have been battling a cold for months now. I got pretty sick in December and January. Feburary I got a bit of of a cold. Now I have something again. Ugh!!! I'm done!!! This one is pissing me off the most though. I was sick on Sunday and Monday, felt pretty good on Tuesday, slowly slide downhill Wednesday and Thursday, now today I feel like crap. In a stroke of good luck, we had a tsunami watch last night and they closed school today. Yea!!! I think I'm going to take it easy today. I'll lie around the house and watch some TV and just rest. Because I am done with this. Starting tomorrow I will NOT be sick. At. All. I am done!!!!! On that note I'm off to the couch...

This is bull

I woke up about 3 am with a headache and a sore throat. I, or course, ignored it and rolled over and went back to sleep. When I finally got up at 6 the headache was still there, the sore throat had gotten a tad worse, and my sinuses ache. WTF??? Yesterday I was feeling so good, much better than I had felt in weeks, and now this. Bull I tell you!!! Pure, unadulterated bull!!! Luckily I have nothing big planned for today. Walk the dogs - all of them - some school work, that's about it. So I can at least get some rest and take it easy and hopefully shake this thing whatever it is.