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Oh, my butt is sore

Yesterday afternoon I got into school work mode. I sat at my desk here planning out the next school year for a couple of hours.  This morning I got up and jumped right back into it again.  I've been sitting here now for 3 hours and my butt is going numb.  I have gotten a lot of work done, but I think it's time for a break.  I need to move and stretch and get the blood flowing.  I have more to do, a lot more to do, but if I keep sitting here I'm going to need to look for the best weight loss pills, not that I'm eating when I get into these modes. Okay, enough for now. It is most definitely break time.


I live by routines, I imagine most people do in one form or another. I get up in the morning, put coffee on, feed the birds, have a cup of coffee. It's the exactly same thing every morning - of course that is partly due to the birds too, they looooooove routine. Some people find routines constricting and stifling. Not me. I find that by having a routine for things it actually frees my mind and allows me to be more creative. By following a routine and not having to think about what's going on, my mind is allowed to wander and use it's creative side more. I find that is really true with running. Once I have a pace and route down, my mind takes off in a thousand different directions. I've solved many of the world's problems while running, and some of my own too :)

In a mind-blowing revelation this morning, I realized something. I keep trying to make morning exercise a habit. That's the wrong approach. I need to make it a routine. I need to establish a …

Time for a break

Last night was the last night of Walgreens this week, I don't work there again until Sunday. I only have today and tomorrow left for summer school and I'm pau with that. So Friday and Saturday are the first 2 days in almost a month that I've had nothing to do. YES!!!!

I got new work shoes and it has made a huge difference in my foot. Last night, after 7 hours of work, my feet felt pretty okay. So that was awesome.

Today I have to go see my thesis advisor so I can get finished up on my thesis. I will be spending a lot of time on that for the next 4 days.

I also have a lot of lesson planning to do. The next 4 days will be filled with working on school work, napping, and running. I totally can't wait. Oh yeah, I'm gonna throw some reading in there now and again. Awesome.

Now, I have a webinar I'd really like to see.

Oh, my aching back.....

My low back is killing me!!! I have been working a lot and I think my back is paying the price. Part of the problem, I think, was my shoes. I was wearing shoes that were old and very worn out. I have been wearing them for work and running and I think the price is being paid by my back. I got my new running shoes the other day and started using them to break them in. Then yesterday I bought new shoes for work. I got Sketchers slip ones and I think I love them. I wore them to work last night and they were quite comfy. My feet were tired and sore at the end of the night but not near as bad as they were the day before. And a huge plus is that I can easily slip my shoes off on my breaks and such. Awesome!!! Today will be my 6th day in a row working Walgreens and my last. After tonight I have 4 days off. Awesome!!! Also only 3 more days of summer school and that is pau also. You have no idea how excited I am. That means that I have Friday and Saturday with absolutely nothing to do. …

Week 2 Day 2

of couch to 5k and it was brutal. I got new shoes and this was the first run in them. My left heel was hurting - a lot - but I think most of that has to do with my working for past 4 days and using crappy shoes. I'm going to buy a new pair of work shoes today, I am.... Next my low back was hurting but I'm pretty sure that is due to so much time at the desk. I have been spending far too much time sitting here and not always in very good positions. Sometimes I put my feet up on the desk and that puts a real strain on my low back. Ugh...the dog has gas!!! Anyway, also I started to feel a shin splint in my right shin. Those plagued me when I first started running years and years ago. But once they went away I never had a problem with them again. I'm wondering if it could also be due to the work shoes??? Maybe. Finally, it was hot, really hot. I went a little bit later than normal and I paid the price in temperature. So bottom line, today was a slough-fest but I got th…