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I can't seem to get this whole healthy lifestyle going. I get motivated for a day or two then lose it. Something happens or something comes up and it all falls apart. I'm done. Really and truly done. I'm thinking about shutting this blog down completely. I've been doing this for 7 years, in fact my 7th blogiversary was on the 26th!!!, and I'm not any further along my journey than I was when I started. In fact, I've moved backward not forward. What I am doing is taking a break. I'm going on hiatus to decide what I want to do. I feel like my life is completely out of my control and I need to focus on regaining control. So I'm off. Maybe it time to consider moving to North Carolina and doing some carpet cleaning durham nc. That might be the way. Seriously though, I have friends in NC and it is really nice there..... Okay, that's it....I'm off.....have fun.....

One step forward, two steps back

That's what I feel like lately. Every time I get something going, bam!! Something happens to shut me down. I was just getting into an exercise routine and ready to start running again when Bam!!! I sprain my ankle. The actual ankle problem is something that not only goes back 6 years, but is something I believe is not going to be easily fixed. So I could do like I normally do, just ignore it and go on with working out, maybe start running, whatever. But that really hasn't worked well for me. So I think it's time to try something different.

I have really been lying to myself about my food intake. I have been eating an exorbitant amount of food lately and telling myself it's not much. I have been eating sweets like they are going out of style. Yesterday I had 4 macaroon cookies (fat ones), a small piece of cake with the thickest, sweetest icing ever, and more cake and ice cream later that night. Yeah, that was probably about 1,000 calories in sweets alone. Then …

I do not believe this

I have sprained my ankle again!!! Again!!! I just don't freaking believe this.... I sprain this sucker every couple of months. I think it's time to do something about it. Clearly something is wrong if I keep spraining it, so maybe it's time to have it looked at. UGH!!!!!

Life is full of Do Overs

And here is another one for me. I tend to get down on myself for not being perfect. For not doing things exactly the way I think they should be done. For not reaching goals I set for myself. So I'm trying to develop a more philosophical attitude. Failure is not failure but a learning step on my path. Sort of like practice makes perfect. Well, here I am for another round of practice. I laid out a plan yesterday and I'm really very excited about it. It's a lot like plans I've laid out before so it's a little difficult not to get down on myself. But I'm not going to. I should view it like I did when I finally quit smoking. I must of have a hundred times at least before I finally quit for good. I always said the previous trys were practice for when I did it. Well, all those other attempts were practice. So today starts yet another do over. The 10,000 hour principle at work. You have to do something for 10,000 hours before you become good at it. I h…

The best laid plans......

I had such high hopes for this break. I really did have big plans, but those got blown out of the water. Let's review:

Last week: Saturday & Sunday I worked Walgreens and had no intention of doing anything but that.
Monday I had nothing to do and ended up sleeping and reading all day. Nice :)
Tuesday - all day conference in Waikiki with some girls from school
Wednesday - morning training session at school, Walgreens until 10. - Hour long workout in a.m. Unbelievably sore in p.m.
Thursday - Walgreens until 8:30 - hour long workout in a.m. Insanely sore feet and legs in p.m.
Friday - Walgreens until 8:30 - hour long workout in a.m. Legs a little better but still sore in p.m.
Saturday - Walgreens until 3:30 - no workout - legs felt fine