19 November 2011

Finally, the scale is my friend

For the first time in 4 weeks the scale moved in the direction I wanted it to. Down. The first week I was up .2 lbs. The second week I was up .8 lbs for a total of 1 lb higher than I started. Ugh!! Frustrating... Today however it went down 1.6 lbs. Not that I'm focused on that at all. I have been focusing on how good I feel eating right and that makes what I'm doing totally worth it regardless of the scale. So with my activity level and eating this week I lost 1.6lbs. I like that. What I did this week is something I can totally live with but I would like to get more exercise. So I'm happy, happy, happy.....

18 November 2011

We ride at dawn

Got the bike out of storage and made sure it was ready to ride. Tomorrow morning I ride to Weight Watchers. I used to ride to meetings all the time and I'm really looking forward to doing it again. Overall the week has been pretty good. I didn't workout as much as I had planned to but I was tired and still kind of recovering from my cold. Eating was okay. I didn't track as much as I planned to and Wednesday had a little party with leftovers on Thursday so there was a little tiny bit of overeating but not much at all.

Next week is Thanksgiving and I'm so looking forward to a 4 day weekend. After that we only have 3 weeks of school left - yeah!!! They will be busy weeks though. We have lots of ceremonies and events happening during those weeks. The one I'm involved in is the junior ring ceremony. They will get their high school class rings in a special ceremony after they have been blessed by the bishop. It's all very exciting. It's also historic because for the first time in 85 years we have boys in the junior class. Exciting.

I have lots and lots to do this weekend but tonight I watch TV and rest.

16 November 2011

The Biggest Loser

I love this show. It is seriously one of my guilty pleasures. I love watching. When it first came on I thought it was the most ridiculous idea for a show ever. Take a bunch of really overweight people, work their asses off (literally) and then send them home if they don't lose enough weight. Brilliant. But, as it turns out, it works. In some cases it worked really well, in others not so much. But overall I think they have highlighted the fact that you don't need anything fancy or special or surgery. Losing weight takes hard work and diligence. A good message.

Through the Biggest Loser I discovered Jillian Michaels. She rocks. Bob Harper is good too, but Jillian rocks. When Jill decided to leave I was bummed. I loved watching her workout with these people. So last season she decided to leave and Anna Kournikovs was replacing her. At the time I thought that wasn't an awesome idea. Yes, Anna is incredibly athletic. She's got an awesome body and could rock those sexy bodystockings. I'm also sure she knows what's she's doing but working on the Biggest Loser??? I don't think so. How many other trainers have they been through?? 3 that I can think of off the top of my head. When this season started and I saw her in action I thought I might be right. She is from Russia and people from other countries just are not like we are here in the US. I work with people from Spain, Brazil, and Argentina and they border on rude when they talk. It's not that they mean to be, it's just that they say exactly what they think and don't hold the punches. I also think the language is part of the problem. The little subtleties that we use everyday and are quite familiar with escape them. Many times it's the inflection of the voice. We American put a lot of inflection in our voices and there is a lot of meaning in those inflections. Foreigners speaking English haven't mastered those inflections so the words may be right but the way they are delivered is all wrong. I'm sure it's similar when Americans learn a foreign language.

So Anna is not returning because of issues with the crew and the contestants. Hmmm... really?? I knew this would happen.

Bedroom Window

Guest post from: Steve Delaney

Ever since I was a little girl, I have had an irrational fear of someone breaking into my bedroom window. I should go ahead and tell you that in every home I have ever lived in, short of a couple of college apartments, my bedroom has been on the second floor. The trouble that a would be thief would have to go through to get to the actual window, much less break it and climb through, is a pretty good deterrent. I know this intellectually, but it doesn’t prevent me from lying awake listening for imaginary noises outside my bedroom window. Now that I’m married, the fear has been lessened a bit by the fact that my husband sleeps closest to the window, but it still pops up from time to time. This is where my homesecuritysystems.com comes in. While I know that all of the doors are monitored, it’s especially reassuring to me knowing that the alarm will also sound if one of my windows is broken or open. While it might not be a rational fear, it’s one I’ve lived with my entire life. I’m so happy to have the peace of mind I need to finally get a good night’s sleep.

15 November 2011

A few words from the chef

Ask anyone who knows me and they will tell you I don't cook. I don't. I haven't cooked much in the 22 years I've been married. I'd say in the last 10 years I have cooked maybe 5 times. I do cook special things; lilikoi pie, a special chicken dish that I make; but that's about it. The fact of the matter is that I can be quite a good cook when I want to. I know how, I'm just not that fond of doing it. Well, this week I was faced with a choice. My husband, the cook, has to work nights all week. Since I am just getting over being sick, and eating like crap, and I really want to commit to WW and make it work, I was faced a serious choice. I could do like I normally do when he works nights; eat junk and live on take out. Or I could break down and cook. Gasp!!! What did she say?????? Yes, cook. I decided to bite the bullet and cook. Saturday I went to the open market and the stores and stocked up. I bought tons and tons of veggies. I got olive oil, salmon,cereal, yogurt, and seasonings. I came home and cooked. On Saturday night I made baked salmon with roasted veggies. Yum!!! Sunday I made stir-fry chicken with veggies. Yum!!! Monday I was lazy and had some more salmon. Tonight I felt like some chicken but really did not feel like cooking. Luckily cooking is like riding a bike and I remembered old stand-bys. I took the chicken thighs, put them in a casserole dish, covered them in garlic and Italian seasonings and Classico marinara sauce. I put it in the oven at 350 for about 40 minutes. Towards the end I threw some veggies in the oven to roast them. Dinner was a chicken thigh and roasted veggies. Dear Lord that was good. I am so full right now. And it was awesome.

It was interesting tonight. I didn't feel like cooking but I sure as heck did not want take out. So as tired as I was I knew I had to cook. Also, the truth of the matter is that I am feeling awesome. I have energy, except for tonight, I'm just feeling good. I did not want to eat junk and ruin that good feeling. So the hassle of cooking was worth not feeling like crap. It's amazing how quickly your attitude can change and it really is all in your head.

So the chef is now off to watch the Biggest Loser and consider doing some work. Or not :)

13 November 2011


Today must be a productive day. I have spent the last 2 days basically doing nothing. I have a whole list of things that need to be done today so I have to be on task today. No more lollygagging....

Yesterday was very good though. I made some wonderful food - roasted veggies and baked salmon - OMG!! I stayed within my points for the day. Awesome!!! I slept pretty good last night and woke feeling good. I'm not hungry yet so all I've had is coffee. And I'm going to try working out today. So here's what my day looks like:

  1. Workout
  2. Shower
  3. Laundry 
  4. Grade Tests
  5. Grade Quizzes
  6. Update Planbook
  7. Upload instructions for Symphony math
  8. Work on Inquiry Lab
  9. Iron pants for the week
For some reason I thought I had much, much more to do.  That's definitely one of the benefits of having a to-do list.  Trying to keep track of it in my head is next to impossible, plus all these things running around in there makes it seem like much more than it is.  I should be able to do all this and still have some time lazing around. Cool. 

Okay, I'm off.  I want to work out and hopefully annoy my neighbors.....

Time to do the work

Over spring break I started running again and it felt good. Really. Really. Good. But this first week back to school has been a train wrec...