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It's that time again

Election time. This is a presidential election year and it's already been wild, I expect it to get worse. I'm not sure how many Republican canditates we've been through already, but I know it's been a couple. I have already seen a sarah palin 2012 shirt while I've been out and about. And of course the Obama stickers and shirts are everywhere. I'm kind of torn this year.

I've always considered myself a Republican. In fact I consider myself extremely conservative. But lately the Republicans haven't been saying things that I agree with. For instance, when Sarah Palin first came on the scene I really liked her. And when the Republicans lost the election I actually considered getting a sarah palin 2012 shirt because I did like her. A. Lot. But so much. I still agree more with the Republicans then the Democrats but both parties seem to have gone extreme.

I know the Democrats are going to throw everything behind getting Obama reelected…

Day 5 - a day of sloth

After writing my post yesterday, I almost bailed on my workout. I seriously considered not doing it. I'm not exactly sure why now but I did have some reasons - whether they were good or not is another story. But I had them. I somehow talked myself into doing it and felt pretty darn good. In fact I even upped the weight I use for the upper body work. Cool. Now today I am facing the same dilemma. I have worked out 5 days in a row. I will be riding my bike to Kailua today and tomorrow. I'm thinking of skipping the workout this morning and working on my thesis. I need to make some progress on that and I will be riding my bike later.

Back to yesterday. After my workout nothing much happened. I'm really not sure where the day went exactly. I didn't do much of anything and still the day managed to fly by. A friend dropped a bird off that we are birdsitting for the holidays. I did take a nap for a while. Other than that - nothing. Nothing. At. All. Food was ~eh~ Not…

Day 4 - Have to work out the food thing

This is how I should have felt yesterday. But I didn't. I had an Outlaw burger with medium fries and a small egg nog shake from Jack in the Box and I did not feel stuffed. I felt comfortable. WTF???? How could that much food not make me feel like this doggy looks. And by the way, whose doggy is this? The owners need to be smacked for allowing their dog to get this big. But that's another story. So yeah, I ate all that food, 50 points for those who converse in Weight Watchers, and I did not feel full at all. I used up all my activity points for the week but only 2 of my weekly points. Hmmm...makes me think I've been working my tush off and not eating enough. I did feel a little lethargic after the meal but in an hour or two I felt very energetic and peppy. I think I need to work a little more on the food thing. I know from experience it's not enough to just cut my calories or points or whatever, I need to eat good. Really, really good. So that will be the focus…

Day 3 - the food thing

Day 3 went pretty well. I was sore. I mean really, really sore. But still I worked out in the morning with Karen Voight. I didn't do much of anything else the rest of the day and I even took a short nap in the afternoon, but I still consider it a success. Eating on the other hand was not the greatest. I had a chicken salad sandwich for lunch which wasn't too bad, but then Hubby brought pizza home and I ended up eating 2 slices for dinner. That plus some peanut butter Oreos. Yes, it could have been much worse but still, not the greatest choices ever. The thing is I'm working out hard, really hard for my current fitness level, and I think I'm craving protein. I'm really dying for a big fat burger. I think protein and carbs are the order for lunch today. The real question is where to go.

Anyway, yes soreness!!! My leg muscles feel awesome. I love the soreness I get from working out. I like it a lot!!! So my legs are sore and during my workout they were shaki…

Day 2 - Working it out

Day 2 went well. I worked out. A. Lot. I did Bob Harper Ultimate Cardio Body in the morning. Around noon I went out for my first Couch to 5K run. I did the run to the store, picked up a couple of things and then walked home. Worked out perfect. Then we walked the dogs last night. I am sore. All. Over. And I love it. This is the kind of soreness I like. I can feel my muscles and know that I worked them hard. It's not a bad thing, it's most definitely good.

Yesterdays food was pretty good too. With all the activity I was pretty hungry but didn't go too crazy. I did have some cookies and a handful of M&M's but that wasn't too bad. The problem is the cookies are sitting around the house. At the Christmas party at school we got all kinds of goodies and I really do hate to just throw them away. If I can just eat one or two at a time and not go crazy I should be okay. In a day or so they will completely lose their appeal anyway.

So today, I am sore but I&#…

Day 1

One of my goals during this 3 weeks is to post everyday. Initially I thought I'd post at the end of the day with a recap of the day, but quite frankly blogging at night is not my strong suit. I prefer to blog in the morning. So I think I will post in the morning about the following day. So in essence I'll always be talking about a day that is over. I guess that makes sense.

Yesterday was my official Day 1 and overall it went pretty well. I worked out in the morning to Karen Voight and it felt good. I love that workout. Then I was busy doing household stuff, laundry, organizing my room, etc. At 1 pm I had a ceremony to go to for a friend of mine - that was fun. There was food and I didn't go over board. I had a small lumpia, a quesadilla wedge and a cookie. Not bad. I estimated the points at 10 I think and was real pleased with that. When I got home I was a little tired and since I'm on vacation I decided to take a nap. I only napped for about 20 minutes and was…

So it begins

I ended up taking yesterday as a sort of rest day. I had some things that I needed to do, get new shoes and a new bike helmet, in order to really begin my journey. Oh yeah, I needed to get some good food. So now I am ready and I am really looking forward to it. Most breaks I usually have a vague plan of things I want to do and I usually lose interest about mid-way through. Then I end up spending most days on the couch watching bad TV. This time I am determined to make it different. I have a whole list of things to do that should keep me busy most days. I want to work out a lot and I'll be doing most of the cooking while I'm home. All this should keep me on my toes and off the couch.

Today's agenda calls for some cardio this morning, followed by some laundry and housework. Then I will be working on my cabinet - god, I want to get that finished. This afternoon I want to start my weight program and walk the dogs. There is also grading to do and time for a little nap if…