15 April 2012


There is a Japanese proverb that says, Fall down seven times, get up eight. So here I am getting up again.

I have been working on my eating lately and am pleased with how it's going. I want to reach a place where I can eat intuitively and I think I'm getting there. I think I'm gravitating towards smaller portions and more fruit and veggies. I need to work on the exercise. I ride the bike back and forth to school, I need to do weights also. I also want to start running again. Ugh, so many things to do.....

Today is my birthday - whoopie. I'm not a big fan of birthdays and I'm a little unclear on why we celebrate them. Yeah, you didn't die this year??? I don't know.

I want a heart rate monitor. I have one but I don't think it works anymore. Maybe I'll buy myself one for my birthday. Wonder where they are sold around here.

I think I may go to the mall today. Not really looking for anything, just feel like going.

That's about all I have to say. I'm going to shower, do laundry, clean and set up the workout room and call it a day.

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