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Spring Break

So far it's off to a fabulous start. I slept in. Got up when I wanted to. Played games on the computer for a little bit. Worked out. Yes!!! Now I'm off to shower and then put some time in on my thesis. I have got to make serious progress this week and I need to start right now. So I will spend 4 hours on my thesis today. I'm going to try and organize my thoughts about my topic and see if I can't get started writing. I have to stop jumping all over the place - kind of like in my life. I need to find a thread and stick with it. Ohh, I think I just got an inspiration about how to go about this. Off now.....

7 days

For 7 days this is what it's been doing here. Raining. A. Lot. There is lots of flooding and mud slides and rock slides and it is a giant mess. I haven't been able to ride my bike to work all week and I do not like it. I did ride it on Wednesday and that was awesome. But it has been raining so hard here in the mornings that the bike was out of the question. Hubby drove me to work every morning. Yuck. They even closed school early one day because of the rain. Yuck, I say, Yuck!!! I am tired of wet and cold and I'm ready for some sun. That should happen in a couple of days. I can not wait!!!!!

So I haven't ridden my bike all week and I feel like a giant slug. I feel like I'm huge and flabby and I don't like the feeling at all. Also, I am now on spring break. Breaks generally mean a drop in activity level. I really, really, really need to not let that happen. I only have a week and I need it to be a very active, productive week. If it's not I may have…

Moving forward

Hmmm...that seems to be another theme with me. Anyway, now that a whole lot of that nonsense has been settled - at least for now - it's time to move forward and put this all behind us. Sidebar: am I wrong for not completely trusting these people? Am I wrong for thinking that their break with reality can happen again and that I need to watch for it? I got the impression that some people think I am wrong but am I really? Back on topic. Yesterday was a good day. Probably one of the best in a long, long time. I went to WW in the morning. Then cleaned the house and did some laundry. Spent the afternoon taking it easy - okay, napping on the couch. We walked the dogs, had dinner and watched Rise of the Planet of the Apes. It was really a great day and it felt awesome to be "normal" again. I'm looking forward to another nice day today.

I leave for Indianapolis in 3 weeks and I need to lose some weight so I can fit into some long pants I have. It's going to be col…


Is a huge topic here in Hawaii. Huge!!! People who live here love to gamble. LOVE IT!!!! We even call Las Vegas the 9th Hawaiian Island. People from Hawaii go there so often that you can actually find deals to Vegas cheaper then almost anywhere else. It's crazy. And while they love to go to Vegas and gamble in person, they will gamble just about any way they can. Poker nights are huge - hell, there's one at my house every Tuesday and the guys really, really look forward to that. Fantasy football is big. So is online sports betting. Seriously big. Now in the interest of full disclosure, I myself am not a gambler. I will gamble with a lot of things; my time, my energy, my creativity; but not my money. But I do understand the attraction of it. The few times I have gambled, I have really enjoyed when I won - the rush of winning is awesome. And that may be why I stay away from it, because I could grow to like it too much.

There is a lot of talk here about allowing cas…