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Traveling is hard on the bodyI

I left Hawaii at 4:35 Monday afternoon and I arrived in Indianapolis at 9:00 Tuesday morning. Yikes!! That's a long time in the air, and most of it was in the air.

During that time I ate: Some weird chicken and rice dish; breakfast of yogurt, fruit, and granola bar; peanuts; Subway sandwich; 3 cookies; bag of popcorn; and a Panera chicken cesear salad. Not the worst diet but definitely not the best either.

My pass through Atlanta was interesting. My flight was about 10 minutes late and my connecting flight was all the way at the other side of this massive airport. Yikes!!! As I was racing through the airport I noticed a number of ads for Atlanta drug abuse rehab centers. I found it quite interesting. In every airport I've ever been in there are the usual ads for attractions and things to do, but also for help people need. Because I was in Atlanta I saw ads for Atlanta places; Atlanta alcohol rehab or Atlanta Drug Rehab.. It's really not that surprising. With the eco…

Warrior Dash

That was me at the finish line yesterday of the first ever Hawaii Warrior Dash. It was fun and I can not wait until next year. But let me back up a bit.

About 3 months ago I accidentally found out that Warrior Dash was coming to Hawaii. I had heard about these and was dying to try one. So in a fugue, I signed up and got a friend to sign up with me. As the day got closer and closer I realized I had not be training or doing much of anything, how the hell was I going to pull this off? But we went yesterday and decided to give it a go. I viewed it as the first one and therefore kind of a reconnaissance mission. Not knowing exactly what it would be like, I would do my best, do what I could and then prep for next year. Woo Hoo, game on.

As we were driving up, we had a 2pm wave so as we were driving in we could see people on the course, and the people we were seeing were not that muddy. Cool. Maybe it wouldn't be as bad as I thought. As we are waiting for our wave to start , it b…