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Thoughts on food

Yes, another post today. I have a lot of thoughts going around my head and this is the best place to dump them.

Since I decided to make this change and start this journey, I've been thinking back to when it was easy for me. There was a time when working out and eating right was fairly easy. And I've been trying to look back at that time and analyze why. Why was it so easy for me to get up in the morning and ride 25 miles? Why could I look at cookies and decide that I didn't want them? Why? In an effort to try and find an answer to those questions, I picked up a book the other day. It's called "It was food vs me and I won" I thought it might be an interesting read. I wanted to discover how someone took on food and won. So I started reading it the other night and quickly discovered that she could have been writing about me for most of my adult life. She talked of constantly battling food, being on a diet, feeling guilty, etc. All these things were things …

Sometimes I need to get out of my own way

Woot!!!! Woot!!!! I feel so awesome right now. I met my personal trainer at 24 hour fitness at 6:30am. It was awesome. She put me through a workout that was tough but not too terribly tough. On some of the moves I was shaking on the last 2 or 3. Awesome.

However, and the real reason I'm writing this, I have to be careful not to overdo it or go crazy. I know what needs to be done and I need to just have faith in the process and let it happen. I have a tendency towards impatience and I want to rush or force things. That's when things go bad. So I need to just take it easy and go with the program.

I say this because during my session, there were moments when I found myself thinking 'oh, I could do this every day' or 'I should be using a heavier weight' or some such nonsense. I am not the person I was 4 years ago. I am not as strong as I was or as active. I need to get back into it slowly. Not so slowly I don't make progress, but slowly to allow my body …

Early morning update

Just wanted to pop in before my day started and kind of put down what I'm thinking. I'm very excited to start and I wish that I could focus on it all day, every day. But in honesty I can't. I am not at the Biggest Loser ranch, I have a life that I need to live. But I will be focusing on it when it's appropriate.

This morning:

weighed myself first thing = 197.2**drank 2 cups of water = blehhad black coffeeate a banana with peanut butter within 30 minutes of getting up = bleh **That number does not scare me or surprise me or upset me. This week has been a week of horrendous eating - sweets, cakes, donuts, etc, at school. Then there was the alcohol yesterday at lunch...So the fact that the number is up slightly does not surprise me at all.  
Drinking water first thing in the morning - bleh!!  Definitely not used to that and definitely something I will have to get used to.  It makes me feel bloated, but that feeling doesn't last long. And I will get used to it.  

Summer has finally arrived

Not technically, but for me :) Today was the final day of school. Classes ended on Wednesday but for the last 2 days we've had final exams. Now those are done. All that is left is grading and entering final grades. Yeah!!!! We had an end of the year party at a nice restaurant and that was fun. But I am glad to be done. I will be teaching summer school but that is just different from regular school and I'm okay teaching it.

In other news, I can not wait to get things started tomorrow. I am completely shifting my eating, and while I haven't gone shopping yet I have enough in the house to get me through tomorrow. I'll probably go shopping tomorrow afternoon.

The plan for tomorrow is:  

get up earlydrink a glass of water immediately after brushing teethhave a small breakfasthave a cup of black coffeebike over to 24 hour fitnessmeet with personal trainer and workoutbike homehave a huge omelet for breakfastshowerwork on thesis I am excited to get this thing started.  Som…

Summer of giving

Summer time always seems to bring lots of birthdays. We have a number of friends who have birthdays in June. July is filled with family birthdays. Then we enter August. Hubby's birthday is August 1st and he celebrates the entire month. I have never seen an adult get so excited about a birthday. Except for two other people who had birthdays in August. Hmm....maybe it's August..... Anyway, I'm already looking around and trying to figure out what to get Hubby. He's not the easiest guy to buy for. I was looking at redenvelope's gift ideas for men trying to get some ideas. Luckily I started really early this year.. We will see what I come up with.

And the hits just keep coming

I'm a huge believer in signs. I honestly and truly believe that when something is meant to be, things will align so that whatever it is can happen. I've found that the case in most huge things in my life. I will decide to do something and it's like the universe says "YES" and arranges everything so that I can do/get what I want. I don't know if it's me being so positive about something and therefore creating a situation where things work out, or if there really is some kind of cosmic force that prods things along. All I know is that it happens. Frequently.

So this morning I got the call and arranged my first personal training session for early, early Saturday morning. Then, I get home from work tonight and find my Body Bugg here. I ordered this over the weekend. It shipped yesterday and got here today. Awesome!!! I got it all ready to start using tomorrow. I am very excited about it and can't wait to start using it.

I really do think things are li…

Woot! Woot! Game On!!!!

The other day I bought a membership to 24 hour fitness. I was planning on going over there on Monday and getting all accustomed to the place, but I got so wrapped up in my thesis that I never left the house. Anyway, when I signed up I also bought 3 personal trainer sessions. Today the manager called to set up an appointment for the trainer and it's Saturday at 6:30am. Woot!!! I am beyond excited. Friday school ends and Saturday I start my new training program. I'm excited. I'm going into this with everything I have. I am going to start school in the fall considerably smaller then I am now. I am. I have a closet full of clothes that are a size smaller then I wear now. Those have to fit by the time school starts in July. I am excited and ready to go!!!!

Time to get organized

I am a somewhat disorganized person. I have this tendency to just walk away when I am done with something. So if I am working on say school work and I finish, I will just leave. I won't put anything away or clean up any mess I've made, I will just walk away. Or, and this can be even worse in my opinion, I will put something down and say I will do it later. Guess what that leads to? A huge pile of things to be done later. Not good. I really want to be organized and I want things to be neat and tidy, I'm just not sure I know exactly how to do it. Seriously. I have tried a thousand systems and none of them seem to work just right for me. But, I'm nothing if not persistent, so I'm going to try again. Today I'm going to get out one of my best tries to date and try to tweak it to me. I got a box that holds hanging folders and sits on your desk top. In the past I tried other people's ideas for what the folders should say and that never worked for me. So I'm…

A good day

Yesterday was a really good day. I worked out for the first time in forever. I found a Tabata workout online and decided to try it. I have to say this about Tabata - I like it!! For those that may not know, which I didn't really until yesterday. Tabata is an interval method. You do a movement for 20 seconds then 10 seconds rest, repeat 8 times for a total of 4 minutes. Rest for 1 minute and move on to the next more. Why did I like it? Well, there is no time to get bored, you are constantly changing things up - either moving or resting. It's not hard in the fact that I can do anything for 20 seconds. You don't feel like you're working that hard, even though I was sweating like crazy, but it's easy to keep going. So I really like this method and will probably use it a lot. I also found a timer app that has the Tabata timer already set up. Yea!!!

There was a downside to this workout. By the end of the workout I could feel my muscles already starting to ache. Dela…