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It all comes down to choices

And I'm not making the best ones lately.

First off, today was weigh-in, so let's get that out of the way. The scale said, 194.4, up .8 from last week. Not at all anything to get crazy over and considering I had pizza for dinner last night, it could be very temporary. So I'm over that, let's move on.

Second, yesterday having a to-do list definitely made things a whole lot better. I had a focus to my day. I had things I needed to do and that made me not so bored. And it turned out to be a good day. So that's the key - have a focus to the day.

Third, I do need to start making better choices. Last week I decided to try the vegan thing and that did not work in a big, big way. I found that I was constantly hungry. I could eat until I was full but still did not seem to be getting enough. I would wake up with headaches and generally felt like crap. So I'm pretty sure that's not for me. I still can't help but believe that humans were not meant to be comple…

Where has it gone???

My motivation and drive that is... Actually, this is completely typical for me. I ended summer school last Thursday. For a couple of days I was gung-ho and active. Then I started to slack. And slack some more. Then I started to get bored. The 4th of July was the longest day on record and yesterday I was just bored. Plain old bored all day. This is the pattern I follow. If I'm not busy, I'm bored. I have things to do, things I need to do desperately, but if I get bored forget it. Before summer school ended, I kept telling myself I need to have a schedule. If I have a schedule I will, generally, stick to it and not find myself navel gazing. But it has to be a schedule I can live with, not something unreasonable. Like an annuity schedule. But I didn't make one and so yesterday ended up being a miserable day. I completely see why people who stay home all the time are crazy. If you don't get out in the world and interact with other people you really can lose your mind. Hu…

Quick update

Just wanted to do a quick update so that I remember. After my earlier posts, I honestly didn't feel like working out but I am really liking the way I'm feeling and I don't want to lose that.

For the record:

I don't feel like I'm walking on peg legs when I get up in the morningMy back rarely hurts anymore - except for today because I've been sitting so muchI'm sleeping well, very wellMy joints don't hurt Okay, so I forced myself to workout, but I did not want to go to the gym.  I pulled a Tabata workout off the web and did that. One hour of short bursts of exercises. I've done this once before and really liked it and I still do. I like it. The hour just zooms by because you are only doing something for 20 seconds at a time. Awesome.  After that I wanted to run. Crazy, I know, but I did. So after resting for about 30-40 minutes, I went out for a run. The C25K program called for me to run for 3 minutes then walk for 3 minutes. I didn't think I co…


I detest taxes. For years I've owed money and since tax day is my birthday I have really, really hated it. I've always done my own taxes but a few years ago I started using a professional. The reason I'm writing about this now, in July, is because this year I chickened out and filed an extension. That extension is up next month and I need to get off my butt and find someone to do my taxes. The seasonal place down the street, actually there are 2 seasonal places down the street, are now gone so it's research I need to be doing.

In looking for someone good to do my taxes, I've learned a whole lot. Did you know that if you get paid to do taxes you now have to be a Registered Tax Return Preparer? I did not know that. Did you also know that in order to be a registered tax return preparer you have to take an irs exam? I did not know that either. You learn something new every day.

I have to say, this actually makes me feel good. Although I've never investigat…

Bump in road

This was yesterday. From the minute I woke up all I wanted was meat. That's all. When I went to make breakfast the thought of facing another bowl of my 10-grain cereal just made me gag. So, trying to appease the demons, I had scrambled eggs for breakfast. That was good but not good enough. For lunch I had a Kashi frozen meal with chicken. That too was good - actually, very good for a frozen meal - but still not good enough. For dinner we had pork stir-fry. Again, good but not good enough. After dinner I actually ran to the store and got giant Drumstick ice cream cones for dessert. That seemed to do it. I went to bed satisfied but far, far from stuffed. I awoke this morning with a, somewhat, strengthened resolve to continue on the vegan path. I'm not sure what yesterday was exactly; boredom, cravings, true hunger for meat; I don't know. But I do know that while I ate what I wanted I kept it within reason and did not binge in any way. So that was good.

I didn't worko…

What to do

Actually there is a thousand things I can blog about, my quandary is what to do today. I have a number of options, none of which are overly appealing.

I could:

Go to the gym and workout, but quite honestly I just don't feel like itWork on my thesis, bleh....I will probably do this later anywayWork on lesson plans.... that is somewhat interesting, so maybeClean the house...this I'm kind of into and will probably constitute my workout todayBe a bum.... I did that yesterday and an not in the mood to do it again So I guess I'll go shower and dress and then do some cleaning. The problem is Hubby is still sleeping. He is supposed to be playing golf but it was raining this morning so he cancelled.  He gets in the way when he's around...even when he's sleeping...
Okay, I've decided. Cleaning, lesson plans, thesis...that's the order of business for today.....