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In May I started a Facebook page for this blog. I didn't really use it much and thought I would keep it private, just for me. Then last weekend I started finding all these pages of people losing weight. I thought some of them were awesome. Then I discovered that I can use FB as either myself or this page. So I went around and started looking at some pages and started liking them. Well, I found a whole lot of inspiration and motivation. Now I remember what it was like in the heyday of blogging with this blog. I found so many people so supportive and ready to offer advice. A real community. I loved it. Then slowly people moved to FB and since there was all kinds of people on FB; friends, family, co-workers; I didn't feel comfortable talking about working out and weight loss all the time. So I didn't and just blogged here in relative obscurity. And while I'm a big one for saying I'm doing this for myself and don't need anyone's input or validation, it's n…

Time for something new

After my run in with the lemon cake on Wednesday, I've been recovering slowly. I swear, if more people were aware of the way things affected their body, they would never eat half the stuff they do. What that lemon cake did to me is horrible and I don't want to have that happen any more.

Okay, on to bigger and better things. Tomorrow morning I get to try something I've been wanting to try for a long, long time. Crossfit. I am so excited. I'm nervous as all hell but I'm more excited. I've wanted to do Crossfit forever, but the only gym was in town and at times that just did not work for me. Now there is one right here in Kaneohe and I could not be more excited. So tomorrow I'm going for the intro class. I can not wait. I was supposed to go on Tuesday night but I decided not to because I did not want to spend the rest of the week at school sore. So I wisely decided to wait until Saturday of a long weekend. Tomorrow. I'm excited. They have these real…

Food as fuel - and that's all

It amazes me how I have to relearn things over and over and over.....

I've been really good with my eating and haven't had sweets for about 2 weeks. Well, let me qaulify that, I've had small pieces of sweets, and I mean small, close to bedtime once or twice. But that's it. Yesterday was a great day, I found out I got a raise first thing in the morning and it was all good from there on out. On my way home I was a little tired but nothing unusual. When I got home I found that Hubby had bought some lemon cake. Yum. Since I was happy and in a good mood I decided to have a piece. Old habits. Over the course of.the rest of the night i proceded to have 4 pieces. 4. 4. 4. Both before and after dinner. By 7pm I was exhausted. Wiped out. I could not keep my eyes open. It was horrible. Then this morning I overslept -which my or my not be related - and had a touch of diaherrea. Can it be,more obvious? I am firmly convinced that I got soooo incredibly tired because of that stupid …

Good Day

Yesterday was an awesome day. I worked out hard - what constitutes hard at this fitness level anyway - and my eating was okay. Ended up having lunch at Ruby Tuesday's - completely unplanned - and split a burger with Hubby, and had a beer. But did not eat the rest of the day until dinner. Took Bella to training and walked the dogs. Felt great - awesome, awesome day. Ended up eating ~2000 cals but burned ~2700 so it all worked out in the end. I'm pleased.

Today is going to be similar. I need to workout, do laundry, clean a little, prep for next week - food and clothes, etc. Then we have to walk the dogs again - we have to. So it will be a fun filled day :) I need to clean this room. My desk is a disaster.

Now it's time to workout though....