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Food Journaling

I want to talk about food journaling. I have a love/hate relationship with food journaling. I love the accountability factor of the whole thing. It's important to know exactly what you've eaten. Face it, most people who gain weight, serious weight, are in major denial about what they eat. I know I was. So the accountability factor is obvious and the part that I love. I just can not argue with what I wrote in black and white. But I hate doing it. I hate taking the time to remember to do it, many times I forget. I hate having to look up every single thing I eat. Mostly though, I hate getting sucked into the numbers and getting obsessive. And that is what I want to talk about.

I am a scientist. By definition that makes me not only nerdy and geeky, but detail oriented and obsessive about recording. Huh, maybe that's why I've had this blog for 8 years. I also have a competitive streak in me. Mostly I'm competitive with myself and I think that's even worse. Having …

Food and other nasty things

I've always said that it would be easier to be an alcoholic or a drug addict. At least those you can avoid completely. Having issues with food is hard, really, really hard. You can not avoid food. You have to eat. You don't have to drink or take drugs, but you have to eat.

So yesterday I was completely okay with what I ate. I knew exactly what I was doing going into it and I was fine with that. Today on the other hand, just got away from me. I stopped at Starbucks for breakfast - non-fat latte and an oatcake. Ended up not having lunch until 1:30 and that was a tuna sandwich. We decided to go to the mall, Sports Authority opened up right near me - woo hoo!!! We decided to go check it out and pick up something to eat. I made a very reasonable choice in Blazing Steaks. This is basically grilled steak. Not a bad choice at all. It comes with rice and salad, not great but totally doable. The problem arose when 2 of my students called me over to Hot Dog on a Stick. Turns out it was…

Some days you just want to watch the world burn

Odd title, I know. I've always wanted to use that phrase and somehow today it seems strangely appropriate.

Today actually began yesterday around 3:45pm. I was leaving school when I fell and twisted my ankle. It's the ankle I twist all the time and while it hurt, I was more pissed off then anything. Pissed that I had done this yet again. Pissed that it happened at all. Just plain pissed. I made it to the bus stop and had Hubby pick me up from the bus. It was hurting pretty bad by then. Needless to say, Crossfit was out last night and that pissed me off too. But I iced it, elevated it, did what I was supposed to.

When I woke this morning it was still pretty sore and I had a pain on the top of my foot every time I took a step. I decided to take the day off because I was still pissed and I've been wanting a day off all week. So I took it. I didn't do much, in fact I didn't do anything. But it felt good.

What did happen is I wanted junk food. I've been craving …


I'm not exactly sure what happened yesterday. It was a weird day and stayed that way all day long. Let's see if I can make sense of it.

I woke up yesterday just feeling lazy. I didn't have any real energy and I didn't feel like doing anything. After my post I sat and watched 4 episodes of The Office on Hulu. I never made it to Crossfit and I was totally okay with that. I was hungry and ate a banana with peanut butter and some toast with butter and jelly.

After Hubby got home from work I did manage to get up the energy to finish the end table I'm working on. Well, it's not completely finished but almost. Then we had some lunch, a grilled hamburger. Then I lay down on the couch and napped for a couple of hours.

Around 3pm we decided to go to the movies. The Dark Knight Rises was playing at a 2nd run theater so we decided to go see it. We also had a gift certificate for a place across the street, so we decided to grab something to eat first. This place is a ha…