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Doing what works

I have now been on Paleo for 2 weeks. I have a couple of thoughts that I want to right about.

First, I have to say I love Paleo. I eat real food. I don't get hungry - well, not that starving I'm going to collapse hungry, just normal hungry. I'm starting to cook again. I'm even getting good at cooking. I have lost 5 pounds and I'm feeling awesome.

Second, I upped my workouts this week. I went to Crossfit Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday. Took Thursday off, then went last night and am going this morning. It feels good. I'm definitely progressing in strength and endurance. My recovery is also getting faster. What used to take me two days to recover from, now takes 12-15 hours. Awesome.

Third, my energy level is going through the roof. I don't feel completely exhausted and wiped out on the bus ride home. I come home, after Crossfit, and make a good dinner. Things are starting to click. I love it. This is one of the greatest benefits, the increased energy. …

Paleo Update

This is sort of what my plates look like now a days. I eat a lot of meat, way more then I've ever eaten before. And I'm liking it. It took me a couple of days to detox but once that was over, I felt good. I feel good.

I generally don't go for completely eliminating a food group but I've had such bad luck with carbs that getting rid of them actually makes sense for me. And apparently it's working because I've lost 5 lbs in just over a week. For the first time in a very,very long time I am below 190. I feel like that is just what I needed to get me really going. I have been sticking to it really closely and even though I've though about cheating, I haven't given into it.

So as of now, things are going really, really well and I hope they continue that way.

Weekly Paleo Update

I've decided to do a weekly update on the Paleo eating since I know I will forget.

Knowing that I was seriously considering the Natural November challenge at my gym, I decided last weekend to give Paleo a try and see how I like it. I started on Sunday and did it through Wednesday. It wasn't bad. Initially I felt very hungry and I realized that since I wasn't eating wheat, which not only filled me up but gave me gas, I needed to eat more of what I could eat. I made some recipes that I had found online and they were pretty good. I took some recipes I found online and doctored them up for me. They were good too. It is difficult getting used to eating this way, but not impossible. It requires a lot of planning. I can not allow myself to get hungry without some food around. I can see how easy it would be to get off track. So no winging it.

Sunday, the day I started, went pretty well. I felt pretty good all day. Monday was also okay. I was hungry but overall felt good. Tues…