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Reflections on Paleo

Yesterday was the final day of my 30-Day Natural November Paleo Challenge. This morning I go for the final weighing and measurements. I wanted to write this reflection before that so that whatever the numbers show do not cloud my judgement of the whole process.

Let's start with the somewhat superficial benefits. I'm wearing smaller clothes. When I started this whole journey I was wearing pants that were a large 14 and XL tops. Both of these things were somewhat loose and baggy on me and that's the way I liked it. I tried to hide behind my clothes because my body was not great. I am now wearing more form fitting clothes and really liking it. There is also the little things only I would notice. When I sit, my belly no longer sits on my lap. On the couch I can sit and bend my leg with my foot right next to my butt and be comfortable. I can actually suck my belly in. These are minor, possibly silly things, but when you haven't been able to do them in a while they bec…

One thing I know for sure

I've had some interesting things happen over the last few weeks and it's made me think. My eating and working out is really starting to show and people are commenting on it. When I tell people what I'm doing I usually get a couple of different reactions. Either they think it's great and move on, or they start the excuse train. You know the excuse train; I don't have time, I could never eat like that, those workouts sound hard, blah, blah, blah. I can't fault them really. I used to be the engineer on the excuse train. I kept that sucker running for years. It was hard to make it stop so I could get off it. But once I did I was so glad. I found it was easier to face my demons then to make excuses as to why I couldn't. I also found something that worked for me, Crossfit and Paleo diet. These things fit me and fit my lifestyle and I really, really enjoy them.

When I was running the excuse train, I tried every diet and workout program out there. I really wan…

Things I've learned

So, yes it was just the other day I said I was done here and taking a break. That's how it always goes though. I get frustrated, decide to quit and in a very short time the mood strikes me again. What I don't like about this is the feeling of pressure I get when I haven't blogged in a while. I've pretty much given up doing paid posts for that very reason. I don't like being pressured into blogging. But there are times. like now, when I really want to write. So from now on there is no pressure at all to write. Once a week, once a month, I don't care. I will write when the mood strikes me and I will never force myself to write a post. Having said all that, I want to write down things I have learned over the last few days.

Since November 1st I have been pretty strict on my Paleo eating. I have been reading labels and nothing with added sugar has slipped into my food. I have avoided all wheat and grains, I haven't even been eating rice which I'm allowed …