29 March 2013

Getting back into it

My neck was still a little sore yesterday but I went to Crossfit anyway. For the first time EVER, I modified the entire workout so as not to injure my neck/shoulder further. I felt like such a loser but I got through the workout without too many problems. The neck is feeling much better today so that's good.

One of the moves in 13.4 this weekend is the above, toes-to-bar. You hang from a bar and swing your legs up to touch the bar with your toes. I can get pretty close, but haven't been able to actually touch the bar with my toes yet. Saturday will be interesting.

When I was looking for images I found this one, on a Crossfit site no less, and found it intersting. One of the rules of the toes-to-bar movement is that your toes touch the bar between your hands. That is not what is happening in that picture. I have never seen anyone do it like that. Weird.

I was supposed to run yesterday but I didn't and it's possible I may not run today. I think running everyday is not a good fit for me. So I'm going to scale it back to every other day. Too much, too fast. Typical of me.

Okay, I have school work to do today and I'm waiting on a repair man.

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