20 October 2013

Hives strike again

After being fine all day Saturday, around 3am I wake up itchy. I look in the mirror and I am covered in hives. Large, angry ones. Not the small ones of Friday. Also, my lower lip is starting to swell. WTF???? What is going on. I get up, take some Benadryl and some prednisone and go back to bed. I was wide awake though and itching, so I got up. I got on the computer thinking I'd do some schoolwork, but in about 20 minutes I started getting really, really sleepy. So I laid on the couch and dozed until 6:30am. I woke up and things were better, I'm no longer itchy but some of the hives are still there.

I thought about it and really tried to get some insight into what is causing this. There must be something and I'm leaning towards some food item. On Thursday night we went out to dinner and I ate a lot of bread. A. Lot. Of. Bread. Probably more than I've eaten in the last 6 months combined. Then on Saturday I had a pumpkin scone, a hamburger on a pretzel bun, and cookies before bed. As I finished eating the cookies I felt the first hives pop up. They weren't serious and I thought it would be okay, so I just went to bed. Now I'm wondering if I'm allergic to wheat. It is possible to get hives from wheat, and since I have gone so long eating so little, and then suddenly overload my body with it, could that be what set off the hives? I'm going to avoid all wheat today and see if they clear up. The only way to really test it is to eat a lot of wheat, but I don't want to do that. If it goes away when I stop eating wheat, I may just leave it at that and avoid wheat at all costs. This is crazy.

Change my thinking

 I have always said that I'm someone who likes routine. I like knowing what I'm doing when. I like knowing that things will get done...