10 December 2013

I really am

It has been a rough year in Crossfit for me. I injured my shoulder back in April and that has taken forever to get better. It is still weak but at least I can move it now. Then my knee acted up. It was swelling and hurting and not much fun to have. There have also been a number of little aches and pains along the way, my elbow, my back, etc. Things got so bad at times I thought about quitting. But I always managed to talk myself into staying on and keep trying. I struggled with what I could do also. Before my injuries, I was making great progress. Lifting heavier and heavier, doing more and more. It was truly amazing. Then my injuries and I had to back way down. That upset me mentally. It was hard to have been so strong and now to be so weak. But I did and spent most WODs angry with myself. Then, the other day, I decided to just give it up. I accepted that I was older than most. Heavier than most. Slower than most. I just needed to accept where I was and do the best I could from that point. Wow, what a difference an attitude makes. Yesterday I had a really good WOD, but didn't get too excited as they happen once in a while. Today I had another awesome WOD. Two good WODs in a row? That is unusual. Tonight I also went heavier. A comment last night made me think that I was cheating myself and playing it safe. So tonight, for the first time in months, I went AV. I not only went AV, I stuck with it the entire WOD. It was hard, it was real hard, but I stuck with it and got it done. I feel awesome. I feel amazing. It's like that is just what I needed to give me a little boost. I'm going to try and keep this attitude but also not play it too safe. It's good to feel strong.

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