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Life's lessons

I just got back from Crossfit with a major AHA moment. Our workout today was as follows:

21-15-9 for time: 9:56

Box jumps - 16" box rebounding
Toes 2 bar - did on ground
200m run after each round

A number of things happened that lead to my AHA, so bear with me.

When I saw the WOD and that there was a run involved, my immediate response was OH SH*T!!!! I caught that and stopped it in it's tracks. I switched it to, it's only 200m - easy peasy. Then we had to do rebounding box jumps. Again, my initial thought was, I can't do these. I shut that down and said of course I can, I did them the other night. My next thought was, I will have to use the smallest box. I shut that one down too. The other night I used the smallest box and it was easy. I decided to use the next box up. While practicing on the 12" box, I thought it too felt kind of easy. So I tried the 16" box. Just right. Hard, but not impossible. Something I would have to work for. Perfect, I used th…

I made my choice

and I'm glad I did. This week has been truly awesome. Work is super busy. There are finals to prep and event to prepare for. May is graduation and there are so many things leading up to it. But it's good. Keeps me busy and the days just fly by. Believe me when I tell you, us teachers look forward to summer far more than the students do.

Crossfit has been going great too. My shoulder is still bothering me, but I try every move and if it hurts I modify it. I'm still getting insane workouts and I'm pushing myself within my limits. All this week the WODs have been brutal. Things like handstand push ups in 4 of the 5 WODs. I can't do handstand push ups, but it did lead to a bit of a breakthrough for me. The coaches want us to do the hardest variation that we can and since pike push ups hurt my shoulder, regular push ups were it. I started unassisted as those are still kind of hard for me. The first night I did the entire WOD like that. The next night had them again …