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The week that crashed

I started Monday morning with the intention of having a really good, on track week. My shoulder was feeling better so I could probably go a little harder at Crossfit and I was ready to get my eating back on track. Then Sunday I came down with a stuffy nose and scratchy throat. Woke up Monday feeling like I had a little bit of a head cold, but nothing I couldn't deal with. This would not derail me. By Monday afternoon my entire week had fallen apart. First I got a call that I needed to tutor on Tuesday night from 5-6pm. Bleh....Okay, I can do that. Then some friends wanted to get together on Wednesday night. We hadn't seen some of these people in 10 years and Tuesday was the only night we could all agree on. So there went Tuesday. The last straw was an email telling me I got into a training class that was on Thursday from 6-9pm. Okay, there you have it. My week just shot to hell. I decided to use this to my benefit though. My shoulder was getting progressively better, but ver…