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Must stay strong

There may be a few posts over this weekend as I get my head back into the right space. My resolve was strong last night. I was not going to eat anything that resembled crap at all. I was going to drink water and eat good, whole foods today. And I was going to eat light. Not starve myself, but eat less than normal since I have been overeating garbage lately. Give my body a chance to clear the nastiness out. But I woke up this morning and started thinking about going out to lunch with Hubby. He's been working nights for the past 2 weeks and I've hardly seen him. He'll be home for lunch today and I thought we could go somewhere for a nice lunch. Now, if we do that here is what will happen. I will eat something I don't really want to eat. I will probably have a beer, which I do not need. I will then come home and nap on the couch and probably end up eating more garbage I don't really want because I've set off the sugar monster. So no lunch. We can make a nice lunc…

The wheels definitely fell off this week

This is me trying to pick up the wreckage of my health and fitness. It has been a rough week. I had two big papers due last weekend and those kept me glued to the computer most of the weekend. I did get them in on time, but it took everything I had. Then Monday school started and after a month of lazing around, it was back to work. Monday and Tuesday was all day teacher meetings and they fed us. Junk!! Worse part? I ate it. I was a little sad about being back to school and I soothed myself with food. Donuts. Candy. Lots of wheat and sugar. I did manage to make it to Crossfit Monday and Tuesday. Then Wednesday rolled around and the kids came in for orientation. They fed us lunch again. Sandwiches. And I ate them. With chips. 3 bags. Which ended up not being enough good food and I was starving and exhausted by the time I got home. I don't remember what I had for dinner, but I do remember that I didn't go to Crossfit. Then yesterday was leftover city. Lots of donuts and brownies…

Low back pain

A couple of weeks ago we did heavy deadlifts at Crossfit. And one thing I can do is heavy deadlifts. So I pushed it. The next day my low back hurt. Duh!!!! It went away fairly quickly though, so I was all good with that. The following week we did deadlifts in a WOD and I went heavy again. And guess what? That's right, my back hurt the next day. Duh!!! Again, it cleared up fairly quickly so no worries. But ever since then, when I get up in the morning my low back hurts. Actually, it's more stiff and inflexible. After getting up and moving, it's fine and then I forget about it. Until the next morning. I'm wondering if our mattress is done. We've only had it about 4-5 years, but I'm thinking it might be time to consider a new one.