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Some joy, some pain, and a Sunday workout

Not sure if I mentioned it here, but I started working on my PhD in March. I just finished my 4th class and I'm very excited about the whole process. I believe that I have 17 classes to go, which puts me at a finish date of about 2015. Woo, do you know how exciting that is????? I'm stoked. I've always wanted a PhD and I'm very excited to be finally getting one.

In other news, it is Sunday and I'm going to Crossfit. Weird,huh? Crossfit started opening on Sundays 2 weeks or so ago and I haven't made it yet. But my new plan is to work out 3 days take one off. This week I worked out Friday and yesterday, so if I do today, I can take tomorrow off. Then Tuesday,Wednesday,Thursday and Friday off. My days off will change all the time but I like the three days in a row.

This hurts:

Yes, it is plantar pain, but I have learned so much since my last bout with plantar. The problem does not lie in the plantar itself. Instead it is resulting from a freakishly tight ca…