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Running again?

I have entered into a challenge for the month of October. It's a running challenge. The goal is 30 miles in 30 days. It did not start well since I did not run/walk today. That is okay. My knee was a little large this morning, so I give myself a pass today. I may walk tonight. I may walk soon. I only have to walk 1 mile. If not, that's okay, I will make it up in the remaining 29 days.

I want to run again. I want to swim again. I want to bike again. I want to enter races. I want to run and do triathlons. I need to run. So it begins again tomorrow. I'm scared and excited.

Since my last post, I have had a different attitude and a different view of life. I am working really hard on being more open with people. I am working on stepping outside my comfort zone and things have been going well. I feel better and I like it. On Saturday we had a Swissy playdate with some new friends and that was awesome.

There is Ava, Lila and of course baby Bella. How cool it was to have all 3 …