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The power of positive thought and song

I know how powerful these things are, but I forget sometimes. This morning seems to be a constant reminder of that though. But let me back up and start with yesterday.

I woke up yesterday morning and everything was just fine. I did the same things I always do and I headed off to work. Once at work, again I did the same things I always do as I went about my day. I'm sitting at my desk working when I my upper lip starts to feel weird. Hmmmm..It feels like it's swelling up. Hmmmmm, that's weird. It gets worse and worse and worse. Finally I go downstairs to talk to my friend and the first thing she says is what the heck is wrong? I don't know.....As I'm talking to her, I lift my arm and she notices I have hives on my arm. What?????Sure enough. I make a trip to the bathroom and discover I have hives on my upper legs too. WTH???? I take some Benadryl and the lip feels like it goes down a bit, but then it starts to get bigger. I finally realize something needs to be do…

Small changes

I've been really struggling with the food thing. I had off last week for fall break and did pretty well on food. I really thought I was making progress. Then yesterday, the first day back, I come home and eat like there is no tomorrow. There was lots of Korean food and 3 - count em 3 - apple turnovers. I was completely stuffed and woke up this morning feeling like crap. I had some intestinal distress and it was not fun. I ate well the rest of the day and am slowly feeling better. Well, except for the dried fruit on the way home. But if that is the worse thing I eat today I will be happy. Breakfast was eggs and bacon. Lunch was chicken breast and veggies. Dinner was meatballs and avocado. Add the dried fruit in and that's all I ate all day. Not bad. Still not feeling fabulous, but definitely on the way to better.

I need to get a handle on this eating thing. I do go and then spiral out of control in the most spectacular fashion. I'm not sure what is behind it. I used to ea…

Yesterday was pretty epic

I went to this. In Crossfit we do a lot of box jumping. There are times when we try to see how high we can box jump. I suck at this because I'm a little afraid. Afraid of missing and hurting myself. This seminar helped with that a bit. It showed me the correct way to box jump. A couple of different ways to box jump. And some visualization to overcome the fear of box jumping. It was worth it. Plus we did a lot of box jumping :)

After this, a bunch of us went to a pizza place for some food and beer. It's a new place that opened recently and it's very, very good. I overate a bit, drank a couple of beers, and was generally feeling pretty spiffy. Came home and was too full to eat anything more, I did bring pizza for Hubby though, so all I had the rest of the night was an ice cream bar. I woke up this morning starving. Not hungry, starving. As in I felt like I was going to throw up bile if I didn't get something in my stomach. The kind of hunger that makes you grab whatever…