02 November 2013

Gratitude Day 1

I just saw a post on Facebook about November being gratitude month. I don't know why or how, but I thought it's a great way to help change my attitude around, get me back into blogging regularly and head into the holiday season. Every night I'm going to do a post on gratitude and what I'm grateful for that day. This one is late because it's already the 2nd, but that's okay.

I am grateful for many, many things but in the hustle and bustle of day to day life they get overlooked and forgotten. It is much easier to focus on the bad things. But, like the law of attraction says, focus on bad and bad will come, focus on good and good will come. Today I'm going to focus on my job. I am so grateful for my job. I am so lucky to have a job doing what I want to do and in a place I really enjoy working. It is not perfect, there are many things that could be changed, but then no place is perfect. I love the small community and family atmosphere of our school. I love the fact that I know everyone. I love the fact that no one is breathing over my shoulder and I am free to teach the way I want to. I love the fact that we are not tied to standardized testing. I especially love the fact that I am being recognized for my abilities. I am so very, very grateful for my job.

Thank god that's over

This week has been an orgy of candy. At school we had Halloween on Wednesday so there was candy and junk that day. Then on Halloween there was more candy and junk. Today there was leftovers....ugh, I'm over candy. I did overindulge but that has stopped.

After not eating much sugar, it is strange to eat it and feel those cravings. That desire to have more that has nothing at all to do with hunger. I don't like it and I'm going to break it. Again. Tomorrow is a new day, and tomorrow I start my sugar withdrawal. Now, I go to bed.

30 October 2013

Day 2

Another good day. I got up and walked for 18 minutes and went to Crossfit after work. The WOD today was brutal. 3 rounds: 400m run, 25 sit ups, 15 high hang squat snatch with thruster, 25 sit ups. I couldn't really run so I rowed. I rowed the first 400m then cut it down to 200m after that. Rowing uses a lot of arm muscles and then doing the squat thrusters killed my arms. So I did the first round fully. The second round I rowed 200m, 20 sit ups, 10 snatch thrusters, 20 sit ups. I was dying and slowing down. The 3rd round did 200 m row, 20 sit ups, 10 snatch thrusters, 25 sit ups. I did all that in 18:46. I made those decisions on the fly based on how I was feeling. After I came home, I was watching the Biggest Loser and Dolvet said something that really hit home. He told a contestant that is was her mind telling her to stop and she needed to tell her mind to shut up and get out of the way so her body could work. That really struck a cord with me. I had let my mind convince me that I couldn't do the workout as prescribed. Nothing I was doing was going to hurt me in any way. I just kept thinking that I didn't want to be too far behind everyone else. I can't think like that. I can not let my mind convince me to go easier. I need to get mentally tough and hang on.

So overall a good day. I have learned that I lost my mental toughness, but that is something that I can get back. Something to work on.

28 October 2013

Day 1

One of the most fabulous things about this life we get, is that we can change things at any time. Every day, hour, minute can be the beginning of a fresh start. That is what today is for me, a fresh start. For the past couple of months things haven't been going well on the workout and eating side. Today that all changes. I did a brisket in the crockpot last night so I have lunches this week. I got up this morning and did 15 minutes on the treadmill. I only walked but it is a start and I have a plan. My knee has been acting up big time, so I don't want to push it and really mess it up. So this week I walk everyday. I will add three minutes everyday so that by Saturday I will be up to 30 minutes. Next Monday, or possibly Sunday, I will start couch to 5k. I want to run. I want to run. I want to run. Tonight is Crossfit and I am so looking forward to it. It is going to be an awesome day!!!!

Update: It was an awesome day. I went to Crossfit after work and did Cindy!!!! Took it a little easy and did 11 rounds + 3 ring rows. Last time I did Cindy, I did 11 rounds + 11 ring rows, but I was killing myself. Last night I did not kill myself. Came home and had a mexican casserole thingee for dinner - it was awesome. Did some grading then headed to bed. I did have a small bowl of ice cream because I was hungry. I felt awesome, slept like a baby, and woke looking forward to the day. On to Day 2 :)

27 October 2013

Time for a new plan

For the last few months I have just been cruising along. I haven't really had a plan. I haven't really been eating right. I have just been cruising. Working out mostly. Eating paleo on and off. Not really doing much of anything. I haven't gained any weight though I have gotten soft. Really. Soft. I don't feel great and I'm having a lot of injuries. I'm eating dessert more often than not. I need to get things back on track. And that starts tomorrow. I'm prepping some food tonight so eating will be better. I'm going to start running in spite of my knee and my foot.

The Plan:

Eat Paleo all week
Crossfit: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday
Couch to 5K: Monday, Wednesday, Friday
Walking: Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday
Stretching/Mobility: Every night watching TV

I have got to make my health a priority and this is a start. I also want to document what and how I'm doing, so I will be blogging at least twice a week. I'm thinking Tuesday or Wednesday and one day of the weekend. Writing helps me and I just need to get back in the habit. I think this week I will blog every night just to see how it goes.

It feels good to have a plan.

Success when I'm not looking

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