16 November 2013

In freefall

I feel like I'm in a freefall with food. I have not been able to get a grasp on my eating these last couple of days. A large part of it has to do with the fact that Hubby is not home in the evenings. He has been working nights this week and I've been on my own. Which means no one but me knows what I eat. Now it's been a long, long time since I've eaten in secret. But that habit seems to have reared its ugly head this week. Let me take a moment and be completely accountable:
Monday: Costco hot dog and Blazin Steak
Tuesday: Don't remember but I know it was something not healthy
Wednesday: Teddy's for lunch and chocolate covered donut holes for dinner - bleh..Then a magnum ice cream..
Thursday: Egg and bread casserole for breakfast, more donut holes and salty pulled pork for dinner, and a magnum bar.
Friday: Donut and half a muffin for snack, bbq beef for lunch, an entire box of donut holes and a magnum bar.

Okay, now that I have owned what I've eaten, I'm done. I am over this freefall and I am going to grab the nearest healthy food and hang on for dear life. I'm going to Crossfit this morning and picking up some eggs on the way home. A nice hearty breakfast. I need to clean this house, I can no longer stand it. Then a nice wholesome lunch. A little school work in the afternoon and a good dinner. That is the game plan and I'm sticking to it, no matter what.

This is my motto today.

In other news, Christmas is coming... I feel like Lord Stark, winter is coming. I have been aching to play the guitar lately. I'm not good and I haven't done it in years, but I'm really feeling the need to make music. Do not ask me why, I do not know. I've been been looking at things like this: cheap novation ultranova. I probably should get a little better first, but the feeling is strong. I may have to dig out the guitar today, dust it off, and tune it up. Then spend the next month toughening up my finger tips.

Gratitude Days 13, 14, & 15

Wow, I thought missing 2 days was bad, then I go and miss half a week. Okay, here goes.

Day 13, I am grateful for PTO. Seriously. I had a paper that was due Wednesday and I hadn't finished it. I took off Wednesday to stay home and do it. I could do that because I had accumulated plenty hours of PTO. Yeah PTO.

Day 14, I am grateful for rest days. Thursday is my normal rest day from Crossfit and I do enjoy not abusing my body for one day. I took my rest day and relaxed with the puppies. Yeah rest days!!!!!

Day 15, I am grateful for voodoo floss. On Wednesday my Crossfit coaches showed me how to wrap and work my knee to help reduce the swelling. I have been doing that since Wednesday and today my knee feels awesome. The swelling is almost completely gone. There is no pain. I can bend it and move it. Yeah voodoo floss.....

I will be back later to write today's gratitude.

15 November 2013

Just pulled myself back from the brink

I am very pleased with myself right now. I just pulled myself back from the brink of a binge that would have been epic. My day was blah...It is the day where I don't have any classes until 2pm so I am generally bored. To make it worse our internet speed had slowed to a crawl today so I wasn't able to do anything online. Ugh.... By the time 2pm came around I was tired, bored and sooo ready to be done with the day. I got through the class and was packing up to go home when I decided to get fast food for dinner. I was debating between Jack in the box and McDonald's. Oh, and I was stopping at the store to get donut holes. Yum.. When I got near the store I still couldn't decide where to get dinner so I went to the store first. I walked through the store looking for something interesting for dinner, and while I was doing that I talked myself back and convinced myself that I could make a decent dinner. So I grabbed some dressing, a cucumber, and my donut holes and left. Yes, I still got the donut holes - I was secretly hoping they would be gone. But if all I end up with are donut holes that is much better than what I was planning. I know that I will feel better if I eat a good dinner and that's what I want, to feel good.

13 November 2013

School is getting to me

And I'm really hoping it is just these two classes. This has been me for the past few days. I had a decent sized paper due on Sunday. I didn't finish it. Then the instructor said we had until Wednesday - today. I didn't finish it. I ended up taking the day off work to finish it. And it is horrible. Really. Truly. Horrible. I was not that interested in the topic. I could not focus my thoughts or my sources. It was bad. Now I have something, but I haven't turned it in yet. I keep looking at it and changing it. I have come to the point where I'm just ready to turn it in and let the chips fall where they may. Part of the problem has been the collaboration paper that was such a complete nightmare a couple of weeks ago, reared its ugly head again. Seems that the group did not turn in the same paper and we did not have any evidence of collaboration. {{{sigh}}} So the two girls that I had such a hard time working with, are back. And of course, trying to figure out what we need to do has created more chaos and nonsense. I have reached a point where I am just done with it all. I'm hoping that it is just these classes and that once the new classes start I will be back on track.

So went to Crossfit last night and it was tough. I've been to Crossfit Monday and Tuesday. I should go tonight and take tomorrow as a rest day. After sitting here all day writing, I could use the workout. And yet, I still have the desire to not go. I have an hour to decide. Maybe a short nap will change my mind :)

12 November 2013

Day 11 & 12

I can not believe I missed another 2 days. Ugh!!!! Yesterday - Day 11 - I was grateful for the 3 day weekend. I was grateful to work in a job where we actually celebrate holidays. My last job didn't do many holidays. I'm grateful to have the extra day off and time to spend with my family.

Today I am grateful for my body. It has some aches and pains and doesn't always do exactly what I want it to do, but it has put up with a lot of abuse and carried me quite far in the last 54 years. It has held up really well in spite of the things I did to it. So today I'm grateful for my body.

10 November 2013

Stress eating

I made a bit of an amazing discovery today. I have a couple of papers due and I am having a really, really hard time with the easier one. Yikes!!! After a few good days of eating and working out and feeling pretty awesome, as soon as the stress levels rose I ran straight to the snacks. Now, logically I know I do this, but it was the first time I made a direct connection. The first time I was aware what was happening as it was happening. This is huge for me. Once I can identify and action as it happens, I can usually stop it. That's how it went with binge eating. Initially I could only see what happened after the fact. Once I was able to identify what was going on as it was happening, I could stop it before it got completely out of control. From there it was a short process to identify it before it happened. I now have identified stress eating as it occurs, I just need to work on identifying it before I put something in my mouth. Small, baby steps.

Gratitude Day 9 & 10

I completely forgot to post last night. It was Saturday night and I was trying to work on my papers and it just slipped my mind.

So, Day 9 gratitude is for the chance to go to school. I always wanted a Ph.D. and to actually be pursuing it now is surreal to me. In just a few short years I will be a Dr. Wow!!! That blows me away. Also, with the schooling I've been through, I never thought I would get my PhD. I thought it wasn't worth the effort. I'm glad I'm doing it because it is something I've always wanted, and I'm grateful to have the opportunity.

Day 10 gratitude is for rainy days. It has been raining here all weekend and I just love it. The rain is needed since we are in a minor draught, and it makes for some beautiful waterfalls on the mountains. Plus it makes it feel like winter is coming. So Day 10 is for the rainy weekend days.

The best time of the year

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