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December 1st

Hard to believe it is already December. In 30 days it will be the new year. I had plans of running the new year 10k, but it doesn't look like that is going to happen. My knee has really slowed me down. The good news with the knee is that I think it is getting better. Keeping my fingers crossed anyway. The plan now is to start running over Christmas break. Our last day of school is Dec. 20th and we are off until Jan. 7th. Assuming the classes at CFKB stay the same for December, I'm going to go to the Oly lifting class on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday at 7am, and the 4pm WOD on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday, then the 8am WOD on Saturday. That leaves me Tuesday, Thursday, and Sunday with nothing. I think that is when I will start running. If I do couch to 5k, I'll get through the first 3 weeks before heading back to school. That should give me enough of a base to continue on. I just have to watch my knees and make sure my shoes are in good shape.
I do have some fitness…