16 November 2014

Time for a new beginning

I love new beginnings. I love new starts. Fresh pages. Unlimited futures. Most of the really good things that happened in my life is because of new start. What is that song? Every new beginning comes from some other beginning's end. It's true. To start something new, you have to let go of something old. So today I'm letting go of some old thoughts and habits. I'm embracing the new day and the chance to change things.

Today begins with a beating at Crossfit because I AM a Crossfitter. 9 am is the WOD. At 10 am there is a handstand clinic and since I desire to do a handstand push-up, I'm going. After that is the Weekend Warrior. I am doing all these things because I AM an athlete. I do these kind of things.

There will also be no sugar or wheat for the next week. I can do this. I have done this before, it is easy. So I am doing it again. Healthy, nutritious food only.

Mornings will start with writing. Starting tomorrow I begin my writing adventure. Every morning 30 minutes of writing will happen. Looking forward to that.

I AM an Athlete! I AM a Scholar! I AM a doctoral student!!

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