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Energy getting better

Still tired today, but not that complete exhaustion. Even doing a WOD and an hour of yoga and still feel pretty good. This is so much better. That complete exhaustion is horrible. I did take a nap today, I mean it is Saturday after all.

On Thursday I got a Fitbit Flex

I had

I had an original Fitbit when they first came out and used it for a long time. I decided to get this one because, in spite of the nutrition challenge, I don't move enough. Yet I use my movement to justify what I eat. Bull. So I will wear it and use the data appropriately. Unfortunately, the website is based on the faulty premise of calories in, calories out. I think by now, most of the world knows that is not true. You can not exercise yourself out of a bad diet, no matter how many calories you expend. It is much more about what you eat than how much. But, until the mainstream gets with the program, I will have to suffer with the calories in/calories out nonsense. But, being on Paleo, I eat good, whole foods a…

The exhaustion continues

This is how I felt when I got to Crossfit today. I did contemplate not going, but knew that the exhaustion was not real and so I dragged myself there. I thought I would take it easy since I felt so drained. Ha!!! I killed that WOD. It was:

400 m run
Jerks - 65#
400 m run

I did that in 12:33. That's pretty freaking impressive. I was just killing it. I felt awesome. Now I'm exhausted again but the WOD was awesome. I'm off to make a fabulous, paleo dinner with hamburger, brussel sprouts, bacon, cauliflower, yum, I'm starving.....

Carb Flu

It's called a lot of things; carb flu, carb hangover, detox, etc. But it all boils down to the same thing. When starting a low carb diet, like Paleo, you don't have much energy the first few days. Now some people will think that is a reason to stop and eat something carb laden. But that is about the worse thing you can do at this point. I just felt exhausted today. I would love to have a spot of rice and be done with it. But if I do, I'm just delaying the inevitable. Prolonging the hangover so to speak. So it is just a matter of suffering through it. Today was my rest day from Crossfit and that was a good thing. I came home and took a nap. God I needed it. I got my new Fitbit Flex today. I love toys and having something that keeps track of my activity is awesome. I need to keep my activity up if I plan on reaching my goal in this challenge. Okay, dinner is almost ready and I am really, really tired...

I've decided

I was seriously on the fence about stating a weight goal for this challenge. I know that I work much, much better when I have a goal in mind, but I also know that I need to be realistic and not set myself up for failure. It was a mighty battle in my head. I wrote the last post in bed struggling with the question. After careful consideration and thought, I decided to go for it, and I plan on going for 25. Let me explain my logic.

When I did this challenge last year, I did it for 30 days and lost 10 lbs of fat in that time. That was really good and I did a lower level. Last challenge a number of women at my gym lost 25 lbs in 45 days. So it is completely doable. I'm doing it at a higher level so that should make it more dramatic. The real goal of this challenge is to get back on track and get my eating under control. When it's under control I have no problem eating paleo all the time. I just need to get back on track. Also, by having a weight goal, I will be that much more con…

Changing goals

Up until 2:30 this afternoon, my goal for the nutrition challenge that starts tomorrow was to complete it and get a handle on my eating. I was really thinking that I would be facing restricted activity for the foreseeable future. Since I have no desire to get over 200 lbs, I wanted to get my eating in line to keep my weight in check. Now that I have basically been given the green light, I think I want to set a goal. I work well with goals, I just can't decide what kind of goal to set. Should it be a weight goal? We earn points for the things we do, so should it be a point goal? I'm really torn. I definitely want to get my eating in line as I'm pretty sure this shoulder is going to require surgery so I will be facing a time of little activity, but that will not be for a while. For the next 45 days I am free to do as I please, well to do what I can. I'm starting adding walking in tomorrow morning. 20-30 minutes on the treadmill to start. I still have the hope of running,…

Oh, I am so happy

Today was my appointment with the ortho. I did not realize how afraid I was of what he was going to say. Having a body part you know is bad, becomes a waiting game. You know that it is going to give out at some point, is it now? Everytime my knee really acts up, I think is this it? Is this the time I'm going to go in and the doctor is going to tell me I can't do anything anymore? So yeah, I was stressing it really badly and I did not even realize it. So I go and the first thing he does is give me a bad time about Crossfit. Not a serious bad time, just joking kind. I tell him my story. He looks at the xray and does a short exam. Says I have a little arthritis, but not near as much as he would expect me to have, and I probably have a tear. But it's not really, really painful so why do surgery. He gave me a steroid shot and called it a day. Awesome. I can not tell you how relieved I was. I did not realize how scared I was of what he was going to say. It was such a relief..


One of the things that Crossfit has taught me is that I am good at excuses. I can come up with all kinds of reason to do or not do something. I can justify anything, even if I've agreed to it. That is a huge lesson. So many people make all kinds of excuses and they don't even realize they are doing it. They can justify it in their minds therefore it is not an excuse but a reason. I just have to shake my head at them. They come up with all these justifications and logical but bottom line is - it's an excuse.

And this is a no excuse zone. I went to Crossfit tonight and the WOD was brutal. 15 min EMOM of 20 single unders and 3 power cleans. Brutal. I came up with a couple of reasons during the WOD why I should lighten the weight, cut down the number of single unders, stop. But I realized they were excuses and I refused to give in to them. Besides, tomorrow I see the doctor and my activity might be restricted.

I am completely okay with someone changing their mind, deciding…