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Attitude makes all the difference

I know I've said this before, but it is something that is not quite sticking yet. My attitude makes all the difference in my workouts. If I go in feeling all negative and woe is me because I can't do everything I want to, I have a crappy workout. If I go in there with the attitude of doing the very best with what I can do, I rock that workout. It seems pretty simple, but it;s not quite that simple. I have to be careful when just trying the best I can that I don't sell myself short. If I push as hard as I can without hurting myself, and I know that I really gave it everything I had, I'm happy. Really happy. But if I allow myself too many excuses and am too lenient, I'm not happy at all. That itself will put me in a bad mood. So it's a fine, fine line between cutting yourself some slack and going too easy. It's a tough line to walk. But I have been walking it these last twothreefour five days.

Tuesday night was a brutal workout. It was:
10 thrusters (55#)

So here's my take on diets

First off, let's discuss the term diet. People who say "it's not a diet, it's a lifestyle" drive me up the freaking wall. Any way of eating is a diet. The standard American Diet (aka SAD) is one of processed and fast foods. The Weight Watcher DIET is one of counting points. The Atkins DIET is one of lots of meat. Okay, you get the idea. Everyone is on a diet because everyone eats. Also, diet is a noun, not a verb. You eat a type of diet, you do not diet. Okay, off the soapbox on that.

I have been on a Paleo challenge since January 15th. I have 12 more days left. The first time I did Paleo it was amazing. I dropped a lot of weight, I gained a lot of energy, it was awesome. This time? Not so much. I still feel good, much better then when I eat SAD, but not like the first time. I also notice this time that I need more carbs. Weird. So I started reading around and found that with the amount of training that I am doing, more carbs are definitely necessary. There is …

This I have a problem with

I always try to find these keep calm quotes, because someone once told me they hated them. So, of course I want to use them :) But seriously. Finishing strong is not something I do well. It is not. I have always been that way. I reach a point, in anything, and I'm done. I just want it to end. Does not matter if it is finished or over or complete or whatever, I just want it done. I'm trying to get over that in Crossfit, and succeeding to some degree. Most workouts I can speed up as we near the end, some it's just not possible. But certain things it is just beyond my ability. I had a paper due today. It was a major paper. I have been working on it for 10 weeks. I reached the point today where I was over it. I could barely get up the energy to do it at all. I did a really crappy job but just as I was going to turn it in, I rethought it and rewrote it. It's a lot better than it was, but still crappy. But I'm done. I'm over it. I really would like to break this at…