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Time Management

My new classes start on Monday. This time I'm taking two that are requiring a multimedia presentation at the end and one writing course that is four weeks long. I just created the calendars for them. I put all the assignments on a calendar for each class so I have a visual of what is due on what day. The idea behind it is that I can then prioritize my work. Except that is not what happens. I will look at the calendar and see nothing is due until the weekend so do nothing all week. That will not work anymore. These classes are getting harder and harder. I just read somewhere that each credit hour translates to 42 hours worth of work. I'm taking 9.5 credits, that's 399 hours over 12 weeks or ~33 hours a week. That is a lot of time. A. Lot. Of. Time. Let me break down my time in a week:

7 days = 168 hours
Work = 40 hours
Driving = 7.5 hours
Crossfit = 6 hours
Sleep = 56 hours

Leftover= 69.5 hours.

Now theoretically, I have plenty of time to do my work. Yet I spend appr…

Let the games begin


Today I did the first WOD in the Crossfit Open. 14.1 was a 10 min AMRAP (as many reps as possible) of 30 double unders and 15 snatches. My double unders are not great, before this WOD stringing 5 or 6 together was huge. During 14.1 I got 12 in a row and did 8 in a row a few times. When I was tired. That is huge. Really, really huge. People always say the don't do the open because they can't do the moves or they are not that competitive or whatever. This is a perfect example of that. I thought that the double unders would take me forever to get 30, but I did that. Twice. And almost 3 times. Then, some of the people who are really strong at my box, took forever to do their double unders. I scored higher than some of them because of the double unders. Amazing. Anyway, it's begun and for the next 5 weeks that's all we will be talking about. May the WODs be ever in your favor.

In other news, last night I did the final check in on the paleo challenge I was on. Lost 6 lbs …


Here I will keep track of my competition in the Crossfit Open. Can't wait to do the WOD tomorrow!!!!

Lazy Sunday

I have been on a Paleo challenge since January 15th. It has been okay, but not great. I found myself cheating frequently. I call it cheating because I am on a challenge. I know this is not a way I will eat forever, but you would think I could do it for 45 days. But that got me to thinking about paleo. With the level of exercise I do, I think I need some carbs. In my reading, I found this program that makes a lot of sense. It's called Carb Nite and it sounds pretty good. In short, you eat paleo all week and then eat carbs one night a week. For the first round, you have to go 10 days keeping your carbs low. Since I was on paleo and eating low carb anyway, it wasn't that big a leap to make. I started it on Wednesday and my first carb night will be on Friday, which also happens to be the last day of my challenge. I can not wait. I have been able to hold on knowing that I will get all I want in just a few days. I have some people who are doing it and they are having great success.…