07 June 2014

Determined to

too much time has been wasted these past few weeks. I'm completely over it. So today starts my more productive days. I have a whole list of things that I want to get done this summer, not the least of which is re-learning astronomy for a course I'm teaching next year. Yikes!!! So I have lots to do. I'm going to plan my days the night before and get things done. I'm also going to go to the beach. Repeatedly. I can read at the beach. Just to get out of the house and into some sunshine for a little while. I think I'm going to the beach on Tuesday with the girls from Crossfit. Actually, whether they go or not, I am going. Maybe one day I will bring my camera and just play with my camera at the beach. That will be fun. Also visit a cemetery. That would be awesome. Maybe go downtown and relive that trip I took with Amber when I had no card in my camera :( Yes, I have lots of school things to do, but I think I'm going to devote 2 days a week to fun things. That will help refresh my spirit.

Okay, today is an at home productive day because I was so lazy last week. I have to read an article and write a paper. I want to do that today because I want to talk Charlie into taking a cruise up north shore tomorrow just for fun. I also want to get a little cleaning done. I should say, my before Crossfit to-do list was done in less than an hour. Yeah me!!!! Okay, going to get ready for Crossfit.

06 June 2014


and yes, I am screaming!!! I have had enough. I am sick of tired of this. I am over it!!!! Okay, let me take a breath and calm down and try to explain. When I work, I constantly complain that I am tired and there is not enough time to do all the things I want to do. Now I have all the time in the world. I'm never tired because I can rest whenever I want to and I can do with my time what I want. So what exactly have I been doing. NOTHING!!! NOTHING!!! I spend most of my day sitting around on my big, fat as*. Why??? I have no good reason. NONE!!! Yes, I'm yelling sporadically. It stops right now and this time I really, truly mean it. I made a to do list today and got 12/14 items done. It was as simple as making a list. The only problem was that I was done by noon. Need to make a longer list. Hello!!!! I have got to get ahold of myself. I have let things go in every aspect of my life. No More!!! Tomorrow that all changes. Well, actually the change begins tonight, it just officially starts tomorrow. I am going to create a to do list for tomorrow. I am going to follow that to do list until everything is finished. I need to stop sitting around too. I spend too much time on this freaking computer. Okay, I'm fired up and angry. That's when changes happen.

Far too much

of this lately. I have been going to Crossfit but then doing this the rest of the day. Not good. My back is bothering me. The knee is tweaky. I do not like this at all. So how do I break this habit? I need to move more. The heat here has not helped at all either. During the main part of the day, it is brutally hot. That makes doing anything yucky. But I find myself falling back into old patterns. Procrastinating and putting things off. I don't like that. So I'm going to work on breaking it starting today. I will make a to-do list, no!! I will make a schedule that is completely non-negotiable, just as if I was at school. I can not delay a class just because I don't feel like it - though god knows I wish I could sometimes. So that is what I will do today. No moving on my time, but moving following a schedule. I have a list of things I need to do but I keep putting them off. I wonder how I got so motivated during spring break? I was a little powerhouse then. Everyday was productive and full. Need to find that motivation and get it back. Maybe I'll work on that today. Who knows. Anyway, enough sitting around, time to move.

03 June 2014

Figured it out

My knee issues that is. I think I finally figured it out. One night I took some ibuprofen before bed because something hurt. When I woke the next morning my knee felt amazing. Hmmmm... Then I wear my neoprene brace for workouts, but my elastic one for walking. I realized that my knee was not hurting after workouts but it was hurting after walking the dogs. Hmmmm....Suddenly these two things coalesced in my mind and so decided to try taking ibuprofen at night and wearing my neoprene brace whenever I need to wear a brace. Guess what? My knee has felt amazing for 2 weeks. Oh, I also do not let the leg hand by the knee joint when I'm sitting - if that makes sense. I think by keeping the swelling down I'm helping the knee work normally. I don't know why it's swelling if I have no pain, but whatever. I have found a way to deal with it and I'm super happy about that.

Today the strength was back squat. I have not done squats of any kind in quite a while because of the knee, but I really wanted to try the back squats. So coach had me do the squats on a box. Awesomeness. Did 5 x 5 at 75#, Not even close to what I used to be able to do, but pretty awesome anyway. The WOD was "Jason" 100 squats, 5 dips, 75 squats, 10 dips, 50 squats, 15 dips, 25 squats, 20 dips. Doing ring dips was kind of out of the question. I'm still a little nervous about my shoulder and the rings move too much. So coach set me up with two boxes and I did my dips between those. Then I used one to do my squats on. Awesome sauce...Such a good workout. My whole attitude towards workouts and my knee and everything has changed so much. I'm so much more willing to modify but yet really want to push myself. Weird. Not sure what happened but I like it.

Slipped into worrying mode

I do this every once in a while. I completely slip into worrying mode and I have done that now. I am unemployed. Unemployment insurance is taking forever to kick in(I am calling them today). I have spent a large chunk of money that I should get reimbursed for and have not seen that yet (email has already been sent asking when). Yeah, worry, worry, worry. I know things will be okay, but I'm starting to freak out. I just need to get proactive. I've been trying to find a part time job that will give me a little extra money, but no luck so far and I don't know why. My desk is an absolute mess and that does not help my mental state at all. School has started again and the pressure is building. We have what they call a major assessment and I have to come up with some kind of change and I don't have any idea what I will do and AAAAAAARRRRRRGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!! So yeah, I've kind of slipped mental gears and am totally freaking out. This happens when I don't work. I have too much time on my hands and my mind goes off the rails. So I'm going to get this under control today. I'm going to clean my desk, maybe now, start working on my school assignments. Spend some time planning for next year, in other words, keep my mind busy. But first, Crossfit. That always relieves stress of all kinds.

Be careful where you step.......

it could be a trap.  I'll get to that in a second, but first, let's get caught up. Since my last post, things have been going ...