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Moving forward

Yesterday, as a hurricane day, was okay. Not perfect, but okay. I had a great breakfast; omelet with bacon, sausage, peppers, onions, cheese; awesome. Never had lunch but ate some Fritos and liquid cheese. Then we went out to dinner at Denny's. Had a burger, fries, and a milkshake. So part of the day was really good and part not so good. Oh yeah, I had dessert too. But breakfast was awesome and I felt awesome after eating it. I have to remember that.

This morning I'm supposed to go to Crossfit but I'm debating it. It's raining. My knee hurts a little. I'm still kind of tired. I can pass on today and go tomorrow. I need to listen to my body too. If my knee is hurting, I should probably wait until tomorrow. Hard to tell if I'm being smart or just justifying an excuse. I have about 20 minutes to figure it all out. Maybe another cup of coffee will help.

Formulating a plan

When trying to make a change, my typical reaction is to just change everything. If I want to get organized I will clean and organize everything and then tell myself I will straighten up every night before bed. Well, that is highly impractical. I will do it for a night or two and then I will be really tired one night and not do it. Then the next night I may forget. Then, before I know it, things are a mess again. I know me. I know that in order to make really lasting changes, I need to take baby steps. So that's what I need to plan. Baby steps. So let's work this out.

I want to do the following:

 Crossfit 5x a weekeat mostly paleo - no processed fooddrink 100 oz of water everydaywalk the dogs every night Not that hard.I just can not just jump in completely and expect to succeed. So how can I go about this. The easiest is eating clean. I can easily do that. I can make breakfast and lunch to take to work with me everyday. That is a great place to start. I can also work on the w…

Can't seem to pick myself up

Had great plans for this week, but they didn't turn out so well. I started the week off very optimistic. Got up and went to Crossfit at 5am on Monday morning. Got to school and got ready for the day. Made it through my first couple of classes well, but in prepping for the afternoon classes, I didn't take the time to eat lunch. By 3:30pm I was completely exhausted and my feet were killing me. Came home, had a hot dog, walked the dog, and called it a night. On Tuesday I forced myself to eat lunch and I felt much better in the afternoon. Woke up on Wednesday with my knee throbbing. No Crossfit. Had a small lunch and by afternoon I was exhausted again. Didn't walk the dogs. Thursday woke up feeling good. Forced myself to eat lunch and felt fine yesterday afternoon. Didn't walk the dogs because of the rain from the coming hurricane. All these days I ended up eating crap at night. I need to break that habit. I'm going to indulge in a little navel gazing to see if I can …

A new routine

One of the perks about my new school is that it is 10 minutes from home. 10. Minutes. I have never worked at a place so close to home. Because of this, I can go to Crossfit in the morning and walk the dogs at night. I'm very excited about that. Crossfit has a 5am class that gets me done in plenty of time to shower and make it to work. Awesome. Then my evenings are free to walk the dogs. I love walking my dogs. I haven't been able to walk them because the last 2 weeks Hubby has been working nights. But starting today I can walk them again. But all of this involves developing a new routine. To make Crossfit at 5am, I have to get up around 4am. Early, but I am an early riser so not too difficult. Although I didn't get up on Wednesday. Also, 5am Crossfit is only on Monday, Wednesday, and Fridays. To get my 5 workouts a week in, I have to go on Saturday and Sunday. Saturday is not too bad, I usually go on Saturday anyway. Sunday though is hard. Sunday has historically been my…