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Good Intentions

Well, all my planning and analyzing last weekend went right out the window. I have the neighbor from hell. Things have been quiet lately with them, but last weekend it started up again. The problem with the situation is that, not only can I not think rationally when they are involved, I want to tell them so bad to just F*CK OFF!!!!! It is hard to hold my tongue. Luckily we have a third neighbor who provides a voice of reason. The other thing is, I have a tendency, when faced with a fight or flight choice, to fight. That is just my first natural reaction. And so when something comes up with them, my first instinct is to fight. Luckily I resist that temptation because quite frankly they are not worth my time and energy. Also, knowing what complete as*holes they are, it would escalate into something you end up seeing on TV. So I just try to ignore them as much as possible. I'm seriously beginning to pray that they find someplace better to live. I'm going to put my prayer energy …