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I choose happiness

What a difference a few hours and a change of attitude can make. I was so mad and grumpy and whiny last night, but I made the decision that when I went to bed it would end. I would wake up and I would be happy. So I woke up this morning and felt pretty good. I went to Crossfit for the couples throwdown even though I didn't have a partner. I figured I would do the workout alone if I had to. I quickly found a partner though and all was good. The first WOD was: 200m run/row, push press then 200m run/row, double unders then 200m run/row, back squats. One partner would run while the other did the movement. When the partner got back from the run they would switch. The second WOD was a weight ladder. We could snatch, clean & jerk, or just clean it. Snatch was 4 points, C&J 2 points, and clean 1 pt. We had one minute at each bar and there were 7 bars. I think it started at 45, 55, 65,75, 85, 95, 115 but I'm not 100% positive. The final event was a chipper. 40 kb swings, 40 wa…

Time to change things up

This week has been crazy. I started the week in a really bad mood. For two days, I was just in a foul, foul mood. I finally shook that, but things didn't get a whole lot better. I have a senior homeroom and they are a bunch of jerks. I mean serious, jerks. I only have them for ten minutes a day, but it is ten minutes of hell. Yesterday I had an incident with one of them during one of my classes and that was the final straw. I just lost it on them this morning. I am not letting them in the room until seconds before the bell rings. The door remains locked and if they aren't there when I take roll they cannot enter the room without a pass. I am ignoring them outside of class like they don't exist at all. I am done with them. That colored my whole day today and I was a bit of an as*hole to the rest of my classes. But apparently they got over it, because a couple of them came to my room this afternoon to do homework, so I guess I wasn't that bad.

We found out last week th…