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I am a walking machine

Or at least I am trying to be. After last night's post, I was really fired up about walking - still am actually. So I walked to Crossfit this morning. It took me about 20 minutes. After Crossfit I walked to the store, grabbed a bag of ice, and walked home. That all took me about 30 minutes plus I carried 10 lbs of ice 2 blocks. I got home and was HUNGRY!!! So I made some breakfast then took a dip in the pool. After the pool I did some research for some of my school work and then took a nap. Love breaks. When I got home from Crossfit I checked my numbers on my FitBit and I was already at 7,800 steps. My goal is 16,666 a day so I'm basically half way there. Woot. I'm getting ready to take a shower. It's been raining on and off since I went in the pool and it does not look like I will be going in the pool again. Plus, I want to walk the dogs this afternoon and need a shower before I do that.

I just read a statement that said trying to lose weight by exercising is ridic…


Fall break has begun. I'm so glad. Actually, this break came really quick. The days at Damien fly by. I love it. I am ready for a break though. I usually have big plans over the break and this time I don't. I have a few things on my to-do list; finish grading, go in and do some things in my room, clean up this room; but that's about it. My focus this week is going to be to keep moving. I feel like a slug and I don't like that feeling. So I plan on moving. A. Lot. Crossfit in the morning, walking on the treadmill while working, walking the dogs at night. Moving, moving, moving. I just need to shake some of this weight off and I know I can do it if I don't spend the entire week on the couch. Oh, don't get me wrong. There definitely will be couch time, but I am going to try and limit it to 1 hour a day. What I am really looking forward to this break is not having to go to school everyday, not having to get up early, and not having to plan lessons. That is the stu…

I feel renewed

This weekend has renewed my spirit, my faith, my determination, and my mind. I feel so much better right now, at the end of the weekend, then I did at the beginning a mere 48 hours ago. Amazing how quickly things can change. I woke up this morning and did my school work, that felt good. I then packed up and headed off to Crossfit. I was a little sore from yesterdays throwdown but I needed to move some more. The WOD was brutal: 5 rounds of 3 minute AMRAP - 3 deadlifts, 6 box jumps, 1 wall walk - 1 minute rest between rounds. It was tough. But it felt awesome to be pushing my body and making it do work. After that we had the Weekend Warrior challenge: 4 minutes on the clock, row 500m, then as many double unders as possible. Took me 2:38 to row 500m then in ~90 seconds I got 16 doubleunders. Not bad considering I had just done a brutal WOD and I suck at double unders. I was pleased. Came home tired, sweaty, sore, and feeling amazing. Have felt amazing all day. Sore though. Starting to g…

Not enough time

In the classes I'm taking for my Ph.D. we are creating a personal learning network. It is basically a list of all the people, websites, sources,etc, for information in our chosen field. Mine happens to be educational technology. There are a plethora of resources in that field. A. Plethora. Some of them are really, really good. I would love to spend time sitting and reading through them. But I just don't have the time. Between the classes I'm taking, the classes I'm teaching, and trying to keep some semblance of sanity, I just do not have the time. I workout in the mornings, I work hard at school all day (much harder than I ever worked at my other school), I come home exhausted and usually go in the pool for 15-20 minutes to try and revive myself. I'm trying to get back into walking the dogs after that (still a work in progress). Then I will sit at the computer and do a little bit for the classes I'm taking, nothing serious as I'm usually pretty brain dead.…