06 December 2014

Not sure what happened

but I've completely lost my focus. That's really bad, because right now I need laser focus. We are 2 weeks out from the end of the semester. I have to write 3 final exams. I have to get the grading done. I have to get started on my classes. Focus, focus, focus. I need to get my act together and I need to do it now.

Yesterday after work I went to Crossfit. I came home and was completely exhausted. I stopped at the store, not completely sure why, and bought cookies, ice cream, and popcorn. And proceeded to eat most of them. Not exactly sure why except that I was tired, I have lots to do this weekend, and my room here is a complete disaster. I have boxes and and crap all over. Packaging from things I've bought sit on the floor and on my desk. This is crazy. I sat and organized my classes last weekend then didn't look and reprinted some stuff. UGH!!!! So I was really tired last night and I had to get up and proctor the SAT this morning. They provided us food but it was junky. Sandwiches, pound cake, and M&Ms. I ate it all. Came home around 1:30 pm and passed out on the couch. I mean passed.....out.... Woke up a little while ago and am now trying to get my act together. I have a lot of work to do this weekend. I need to get started on it. First I'm going to clean this place so I have an nice area to work. Then I will get started on the things I need to do.

In other news, I got this:

It came yesterday and I love it already. For the past year or so I've had the FitBit Flex. Bleh....I've had other FitBit items before and they are just okay. Part of the problem I've always had with them is that you can't monitor your progress unless you get on the computer. The FitBit only has lights to indicate how you are doing. My Flex had 5 lights and when I met my goals all 5 lights would light up. The problem is when there were 4 lights lit, I didn't know if I was 10 steps from my goal or 110. Plus, if I wore it on my left wrist I couldn't wear a watch and the battery life sucked. It was rechargeable but it always seemed to die at the worst possible moment. The Garmin Vivofit has none of those problems. It has a display where you can see steps, calories, goal, etc. and it is watch. Nice. Also, the battery is replaceable and lasts like a year. Nice. And, when you don't move for awhile, a red arrow comes on to tell you move. Nice. I really like it. It is a little bigger than the Flex but I think I'll adjust. Hopefully it will help me get off my butt more.

Alright, that's enough for now. I have got to get something done in order to feel good about myself. I'm going to clean this room up right now.

30 November 2014

Relaxing weekend

It has been a nice relaxing weekend and I needed it. I got my grading done on Friday. I have been slowly chipping away at my reading for school. Today I need to do a little planning for the rest of the semester - 3 weeks woot woot. And that's about it. I has been nice. I am going to Crossfit this morning. I went Friday and yesterday. Yesterday I did the WOD then did the Weekend Warrior challenge. That was fun. Today I'm sure it will be brutal so I can't wait for that.

I have fallen into a terrible habit with Crossfit that I need to break. I have been going on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday and not at all during the rest of the week. That has to stop. This past week I had a head cold, but the rest of the time I have just been lazy. No more. I also want to walk the dogs and have struggled with going to Crossfit and walking the dogs. Part of the struggle is that it gets dark so early now and part is that we have to hold off dinner until I'm done. Silly, silly reasons I know. But I think I have a plan. Hubby has poker on Tuesday nights so I'm on my own for dinner and he works on Friday nights so again, I'm on my own. Saturday and Sunday I have no problem doing both because Crossfit is in the morning and walking the dogs is at night. So here is the plan:

Friday night - Crossfit
Saturday/Sunday morning - Crossfit
Saturday/Sunday evening - walk the dogs
Monday evening - walk the dogs
Tuesday evening - Crossfit/walk the dogs
Wednesday evening - Crossfit/walk the dogs
Thursday evening - walk the dogs

This gets me to Crossfit five times a week with rest days in between. I walk the dogs six days a week with the only night they miss is Friday when Hubby is not home. And the only nights we'll have to have a late dinner is on Wednesdays. I am going to follow this schedule this week and see how it works out. I think it will be good. I always feel pressured to walk the dogs fast when I know Hubby is waiting dinner on me. Silly, I know...when summer comes we don't eat till almost 7 pm because it's so light out. I create my own stress. And it's not like he cares. He just wants to know when to have dinner ready, that's all.

Okay, I'm done. I need to start getting ready for Crossfit and I need to grab a small something to eat. I'm a little bit hungry.

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