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The end is near

Only one more week of school. Only 2 more days of teaching and 3 days of exams. I only hope I make it. Last week was so incredibly long, I could not believe it. Hopefully these 2 days aren't as long.

Last night was a Christmas party thrown by the president of the school for everyone remotely involved with the school. It was nice. I hate parties but I went and it wasn't so bad. The food was amazing and I ran into a former student that I was so happy to see.

I am supposed to be working on my assignments that are due tomorrow but I just can't seem to focus. So I thought I'd blog to see if I could get the juices flowing. Considering that I can write more than a sentence or two about a topic, I'm going to say it's not working.

I have been wearing my Vivofit for a week now. It is pretty cool. All of the things that bugged me about my Fitbit are not an issue with the Vivofit. I love the battery. My Fitbit was always needing to be charged or dying at the worst poss…

Shocking number

I have a scale in my house but I don't use it very often. I have a healthy relationship with the scale. I know that it is just a moment in time. It has little power to make me feel good or bad, it can only give me a snapshot of what is happening right now. I know all that. But sometimes the number can shock you. For some reason I jumped on the scale this morning. I haven't stepped on the scale in almost a month. I generally like to go by how I feel and how my clothes fit. Lately I have felt a little pudgy and all of my clothes are feeling a little tight. Even my 'fat' clothes feel tight. Plus I got my garmin and have been wearing it all weekend, I had to enter a starting weight and I entered 195lbs. thinking that was pretty close to correct. So with all that, I decided to step on the scale this morning. The scale said 201.6 lbs. I was in freaking shock. I honestly have not seen a number like that in over 15 years. Well, it was a wake up call. I have been doing thi…

Out of sorts

The last couple of days I have felt weird. Friday I was really tired. Yesterday I passed out when I came home and then felt fine. Today, similar stuff. Woke up and was still really tired. By noon I was wiped out, and felt like I was coming down with something. I laid down to take a nap, passed out again, and when I woke I felt better. What is this voo doo? I can not get sick. Can. Not. There are only 2 weeks left of school and I can not get sick. I really think that it has something to do with the way I'm eating. I need to get my diet back on track. Since Friday I've eaten a lot of garbage and need to get back on track. I really hope I'm not getting sick....