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Project Me Check in

Here were my goals for the month of January:

My plan for the month of January are as follows:

Fitness: Crossfit 4x a week for a total of 20 times. Yes, that is technically more than 4x a week but I can squeeze in an extra workout during the entire month. Also, walking the dogs 4x a week for a total of 20 times. Success will be measured if I meet those goals.

I went to Crossfit 14 times in the month of January. A little bit short of my goal. I walked the dogs about 10 times this month, far short of my goal of 20.

Health: Prepping my food for the week every Sunday this month, that is 5x. Taking my breakfast and lunch every day this month except January 5th. That will be a total of 17 breakfasts and lunches due to a couple of holidays. Success will be measured by meeting these numbers.

I prepped food almost every Sunday. The problem with this is that I did not always prep breakfast and lunch. Some Sundays I prepped only lunch or only breakfast.

Work: Have a plan when I return on the 6t…

Quick note before Crossfit

Just read a great article about why people don't lose weight. The author had a number of valid points, but what it really all boils down to is being honest with yourself and being responsible for your own actions. Truth be told, I have some problems with these things. It is easy to forget that I had a treat for breakfast and have a treat for dinner. I can blame others/my schedule/insert anything here for why I didn't eat right/workout/insert anything here, but it all boils down to choices I make. Yesterday I came home and laid down on the couch. I fell asleep and did not get up for the 4pm Crossfit class. When I did get up I decided that I was too tired for the 5pm class. Choices. By 5:15 I was wide awake, so I blatantly lied to myself. Choices. Choices I made. So here's some brutal honesty. Tracking my food everyday is the only way to be absolutely positive that I'm not 'treating' myself too much. Also, I need to be brutally honest with my tracking. There have…

Let's review

Tomorrow is the last day of January and the end of my first month of Project Me. I will create a month in review post, but right now I want to talk about this past week. This week was a mixture of successes and not so successful. I did learn a couple of things though.

I know that reviewing my day the night before works for me. If I take 10 minutes before I got to bed and review my schedule and plans for the next day, I am much more productive the next day. It is like my mind stores these things overnight and by the next morning it is a fact. I like that.

I know that by writing things down I am much less stressed. By making to-do lists or even just notes about what I want to do, I am much less stressed. Not only do I not worry about what I have to do, I don't worry that I'm forgetting anything. It makes life much easier.

Getting things ready the night before works for me. I don't stress in the morning trying to get things ready. I don't have to think or cook in the…

Project Me Update

I have not done an update since the 9th, so I thought it was about time. Things have been going pretty darn well. Not perfect, but then I'm not perfect.

This week has been good. I only missed 2 of my scheduled 5 Crossfit visits and 2 of my scheduled dog walks. Though in my defense, it has been raining for two days and that was why there was no dog walk. Eating has been good also. I have had sugar more than I wanted to, but it has not been out of control. The best thing that I did this week was switch my thinking. On Tuesday I got this:

And I have really gotten into it. I absolutely love planners and this one is awesome. I have scheduled all my Crossfit and dog walks in it and there is just something about having it scheduled. It becomes a given. If it's in my book it must be so. And that just makes life so much easier. I sit down every night and go over the next day, make any changes that I need to, or add anything that has come up. That information and plan for the day get…

Energy, redux

Yesterday I never got to the point of the post, it was related to the title and picture. So I'm going to try again today.

Last week was pretty good, not perfect but acceptable. One of the things I noticed was my energy levels change. On Tuesday I had a ton of energy during the day and into the evening. Wednesday my energy levels were also pretty good. I had open house that night and was at school until almost 8:30pm. I felt pretty good though, tired but not exhausted. Thursday I also felt good. A little tired by not excessively so. I did not go to Crossfit, but I came home and walked the dogs even though I really didn't feel like it. Friday I was exhausted. I struggled to get through the day. The last half of the day I was yawning and yawning. I did not want to go to Crossfit, but I did. Then went out to dinner at the racquet club. The point, and what I noticed, is that when I do Crossfit and walk the dogs (or one or the other) I have more energy the next day. Eating right d…