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How do I do that???

This saying has been around for years and years. It is never more true then when referring to weight loss. Losing weight is an ongoing event and not something you do and then stop. Even once you reach your goal, you have to keep working to maintain it. I read a blog recently where they referred to it as keeping your eye on the road.

This makes a whole lot of sense because if you are on a journey, you need to keep your eyes on the road in order to make sure you keep going in the right direction. Especially with weight loss, it is so easy to hit a detour or even get lost completely.

My problem is, how do I keep my eyes on all the roads I am on?

I want to be strong and healthy, which means working out and eating right. I need to keep my eyes on this road because the detour of laziness and junk food is never far away.

I want to complete my classes and do well in them. I have to keep my eyes on this road because it is too easy to make no progress for days at a time and then suddenly h…