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Time to hit reset

It's been a while. After Easter weekend we had a huge blow up with the neighbors. They ended up calling the cops because a friend had a tire on the common driveway. It was so stupid and they've been acting like as*holes lately. Unreal. After that, the wheels really came off the bus. My stress levels were through the roof. My stomach was a churning mess for days. My workouts became non-existent and all I could think about was those as*holes and what they might do next. I took off on Monday to try and get a restraining order but it was denied. We ordered camera surveillance equipment for the house, that gets here tomorrow. Then I came up with the idea of mediation, but now I'm not sure I'm going to follow through on that. Ugh....So I spent most of the last week and a half completely stressing out and letting my life just go to sh*t. I got nothing done all week, no schoolwork, little grading, no planning, my desk was an absolute mess, piled high with mail. It was horribl…