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Second Week check in

On Sunday I talked to the coach and we decided that I should try to stay around 1800 calories and get 130 g of protein. I have done that every day this week and I cannot believe how I feel.

First, I no longer feel pregnant. My stomach had gotten so big that I felt like I was pregnant. I would sit down and have this huge bulge where my lap should be. It was horrible. Well, that is fading. I no longer feel that way and while my stomach is still large, it is getting smaller by the day.

Second, I don't just get hungry, I get HUNGRY!!! And it happens more frequently. I'm not sure I can explain it, but I eat and get full - not stuffed, just full - then a couple hours later I'm hungry again. I'm eating less per meal, but more often. And this is something that evolved all on it's own. I take it as a sign that my metabolism is getting normal.

Third, I feel better and have more energy. I still get tired, but not the exhausted feeling I used to get. I'm more motivated…