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Another good day

Yesterday was another really good day, Day 4. The desire for sugar seems to have left the building, I know it's never really gone and I have to be aware of it all the time. Making my meals has become a given. All thoughts of fast food or junk food is just gone. For the past week, I've been having a banana with my coffee when I get up. The thought process is that many, many nutritionists recommend eating within 30 minutes of getting up to rev up your metabolism. So I've been grabbing a banana with my coffee and eating it. Well, the last couple of days, by 8 am I am exhausted. Completely wiped out, like I had to take a nap two days in a row. So today I did not eat the banana and while I'm yawning - need to get moving - I do not feel like I need a nap. So hmmm....

But I cannot get over how amazing I feel. My stomach does not feel like it is sticking out a mile in front of me. Except for the morning exhaustion, my energy levels have been pretty darn good. I haven't t…

Day 3

Beginning to feel like I'm on a roll. Yesterday was day 3 in my just one day and it was pretty good. I was really tired, like took a nap at 8 am tired, but I think that might have been from the lack of sugar. Yesterday marked 3 days I have gone without sugar. There is a point where my body goes through withdrawals from sugar and that may have been happening yesterday. I honestly didn't start out to eliminate sugar, but as a result of eating whole food and not snacking, I did and it's awesome. So expect for feeling a little tired and sluggish - which will pass - I'm feeling pretty good. I no longer feel like I'm pregnant with my stomach sticking out in front of me. I am regular - if you know what I mean. I have been tracking my food at my fitness pal and I just checked and my sugar intake has not exceeded 60 grams in the last 3 days. Most of those 60 grams have come from bananas and beets. Awesome. I don't mind sugar that comes from food, I just would like to a…

Really good day 2

Today was really good. I'm a little surprised by that, but it was. I stuck to my eating plan and stayed away from sugar. I had planned for a large lunch and still kept my day reasonable. I am so proud of myself right now. Mostly because I stayed away from sugar. That is huge on day 2. I went to school this morning and did some work in my classroom. Tomorrow I'm staying home and working on stuff here so it should be another good day. Just one day. I need to keep that focus. I have to avoid looking at the big picture and getting overwhelmed. Just one day. I need to keep that in mind for all the things I have to do. Just focus on what I can do today, let tomorrow take care of itself. Just one day....

Very Good Day 1

Today was good. I was kind to myself and it really seemed to work. I did not complete everything on my list, but I made progress on everything and that is awesome. I ended up going to school for a couple of hours and working on my classroom. But I made a good breakfast and came home for a good lunch. I did not have any sugar all day and I did not take a nap. Neither of these things were on my list but those are things that I do when I'm feeling good. I did not feel exhausted today but my foot did hurt like crazy. So, today was a huge success in my book

Tomorrow is just one more day. I will do tomorrow like I did today. It is just for one day.

Just tired

I have moments when I think there might be something wrong with me. I'm tired and have no motivation. Then I look at my lifestyle and realize what is wrong is the way I'm living. I have sparks where I work to get back on track and then I fall off again. Yesterday started so well, I ate well and felt great. Then we had chili dogs for lunch and chinese food for dinner and donuts for dessert. Ugh!!! I get angry and decide to switch everything around only to have it fail. Then I say I'm going to take baby steps and get impatient. I just don't know what to do anymore. I'm sitting here in pain. My foot hurts, my back hurts, I have a bit of a headache. Ugh. I need to get more exercise and I need to get my eating under control. So what to do, what to do......

I did go shopping at Costco today and stocked up on veggies and healthy stuff. Since I will be home for the next 2 weeks I figured I better have good food around. So I think I need to focus on one day at a time or a…