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Well, that got off track fast

So this was totally not where my day was headed when I started my first post this morning. I wanted to develop a workout plan that would work for me and I need to work on a dissertation schedule that I can stick to. This letter makes completing this dissertation all the more important.

So a workout plan. I'm thinking of some strength work in the mornings. I want to focus on my upper body because it is so very weak. So here are the exercises I'm thinking of:

bicep curlstricep extensionsdipsfloor presschest flyspush-upsrowsreverse flysoverhead presslateral raiseI will also add in some  squatssit-upslungessupermansI'm going to create a little grid that will do 2 or 3 of these a day. Then over the course of a week, I will hit all these muscles. I'm excited about this. I want to gain upper body strength so that I'm stronger when I return to Crossfit in January. 
I would also like to add some aerobic activity in the evenings. Okay, I just went and checked …

Serenity Now!!!!

So the letter was from a lawyer the assholes contacted and it's about parking.

I'm not that worried about it, just more pissed off than anything. I have spent the morning since I got it, drafting a response. I have tons of pictures to document exactly what happened and I don't really think anything will come of it. Exactly what can they do? They can call the cops, but the cops have already told them there is nothing they can do. Take us to civil court? For what? They can still get in and out of their house. Also, a judge will tell us not to park in the common driveway and we have proof that we don't, sooooo?????? I don't know. What I do know is that anyone can hire a lawyer to write a letter about anything. What I also know is that I have lots of documentation, and will continue to collect more, to support claims that they are insane.

I need to blow this off. They really do not have a leg to stand on and once the lawyers see that they will tell them not to purs…

After a slight detour, I'm

The last 3 days, things have really gotten off track. I thought that yesterday, Friday, would put things right again but I was wrong. Yesterday found me not drinking enough water - again - not eating lunch at a reasonable time, sitting on my butt for far longer than I anticipated, and drinking and eating fast food last night. So that is over and done and the door is officially closed on last week. Today starts a whole new week.

I have a few things I need to do this weekend. First, I must work out a workout plan. I have not done any sort of serious workout in a month now. Time to get moving again. As I said yesterday, I really, really, really want to build upper body strength and cardio endurance, so those things will be my focus. Today I want to research some upper body routines and try out the dance program I signed up for. My foot is still bothering me and I need to be careful with it, but I'm tired of not doing anything. I would also like to add in some yoga for flexibility a…

Glad that's over

The last few days have been full of special events. Breakfast and lunch has not been under my complete control. I've made pretty good choices, but I prefer to cook myself. Thankfully that is all over now. Starting tomorrow, I'll bring my own food and will eat like a normal person.

Tomorrow is just orientation so no teaching. I do not have a homeroom so I will be free to work on my classroom all morning. Nice. I also don't have any lunch supervisory duties, that is really nice. I'm excited about the new year. Love, love, love new starts.

So I'm looking at the start of new school year as a blank slate and complete new start. I'm going to start working out. I want to start slow, so I'm thinking of 30 minutes on the treadmill to start. Gradually I want to work up to dancing and then Crossfit type workouts. I've got it in my head that I'll return to Crossfit at the beginning of the year. I don't know exactly why I chose that time, but it's as …

First Day of School

And we are back. Today was the first day of school, at least the first day for the teachers. We always start the year with a one day retreat. It's a chance to reconnect with the other teachers, refocus on why we do this and transition back to into school mode. Tomorrow we will have meetings, both faculty and department, and then on Friday the kids come in for orientation. Classes themselves start on Monday. At my old school, these days were painful and almost useless. Many of the people there would bitch and moan the entire time. Much of the stuff we did was kind of useless and there were times we just spent sitting around. It was really, really annoying. It always started with the nun giving the same damn talk, reviewing the teachers handbook. So very annoying. Today was good though. We talked about planning and sowing seeds in our students. We answered some questions and talked about them at our table. We had some great conversation and excellent discussions. It was nice to not…

It is that time again

This summer went quick, but it has been one of the better summers. Having the pool has actually allowed me to relax and enjoy the summer. Tomorrow we got on a faculty retreat, then Thursday is meetings and back to the business of school, finally Friday is orientation for the students. Classes resume on Monday. The end of summer is always a sad/glad time. I get bored if summer lasts too long, so I'm always a little glad to return. But it's the end of summer and back to work, that's sad. So I did not get as much done as I had hoped to, when do I ever? But I did have a good summer. I'm rested, refreshed, and ready to take on a new year.

Along with the retreat tomorrow and the meetings on Thursday come food. They will feed us. And usually it's not great. So I have to plan for it. I'm going to eat breakfast tomorrow and try to avoid the pastries they always have. Lunch I will deal with. On Thursday they should serve us a full blown breakfast so that should be fine…

Day 5 & 6 plus some random musings and general plans

Yesterday was day 5 in my just one day journey and it was by far the hardest to date. Hubby worked late, really late, so I was alone all day with the opinion that I had nothing really to do, I was wrong but I'll get to that later. I did fine for breakfast and lunch, but as it got closer and closer to dinner time, I was not doing so well. I did not know if I needed to make dinner or not. I was getting hungry but for some reason did not have a real snack or my protein drink, I chose to eat popcorn. Luckily hubby got home soon after and we had a nice dinner, but after dinner I took some banana bread. Just a small piece but a piece nonetheless. Then, just before bed, I had these cookies that have been in the house for a week. They are some Japanese brand and it salty crackers with a mango filling. It did not sound that appealing and I have avoided it for a week, but last night I broke down and tried them. I only had 2, they come in little packs of 2, and they were not that good. Salt…