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Finding what works

Is truly harder than it sounds. I gave WW a good go, but I found a couple of things I suspected would happen. First, I got hungry. Whenever I stuck to my points, I got hungry. By the third or fourth day, I would be using my weekly points fairly significantly. Last week by Wednesday I had no weekly points left. And I did not go crazy at all. So that was a problem. Then there is the whole issue of what to eat. I wanted to try to eat typical food, sandwiches, etc. as those kind of things are fairly low in points. But I felt bloated. Wednesday and Thursday I actually felt like I was pregnant, my stomach was so large. I hate that feeling more than anything. So I decided I needed a change.

I had purchased the AltShift book back in September. When I bought it, I read it through, but then decided not to follow it for whatever reason. I'm guessing laziness but I could be wrong. Anyway, after feeling like a huge, blimp for a couple of days, I decided to give it a try. I really did like Pa…

Time for some focus

There are some things that I just can't control and worrying and stressing over them is completely useless. So I'm going to focus on what I can control. I managed to get through this week without doing too much damage. Hubby worked nights all week so eating was up to me. That is both good and bad. I did okay in that I did not go crazy - always a worry - but I really could have done better. So this week I'm going to do better. My focus this week is going to be no treats. I've been bad about that. Real bad. So time to get my act together. No sugary treats. My dissertation class is over and until I hear from the government, there is nothing really I can do. So I'm going to focus on eating and working out. I will be doing my walking and WODing in the mornings and I would really like to walk the dogs at night. At the same time, I like the relaxed feeling of being able to stay at work until 4 or so if I need to. So the walking the dogs may be a little iffy. Of course, t…

Sliding, sliding, sliding

I realized years ago that I had a tendency towards depression. I don't get it as bad as some people, but I do get it. I feel like not doing anything. I spend far too much time sleeping, or watching TV, or just sitting. I spend far too much time in my own head. And I just feel sad. Well, it's happening again. The good news is that once I recognized it, years ago, it has become easier and easier to see coming. When I lived at the ranch, I swear I had been in a depressive state that had lasted years. That's when I first realized what was going on. Since then, I've become better and better at seeing what is happening. And this one I caught the minute it started. It began on Friday when I ran into the money obstacle. Friday I didn't do much of anything. Yesterday I didn't do much of anything. I napped. Watched TV. Went to bed early. That is one of my signs that it's happening, sleeping so much. I reach a point where I just don't know how to go on and so I …